This Perfume is Also Mosquito Repellent — Whaaaaaaaat?

I'm actually looking forward to summer now.
Publish date:
May 26, 2016
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When you're shopping for a new summer fragrance, what do you look for, specifically? Perhaps something that smells clean and fresh, or your favorite floral note, or a lighter version of your winter fragrance?

I've considered all of those possibilities when trying out summer fragrances, but one thing I never even knew was an option is a huge component of my new favorite summer scent: insect-repelling abilities.

The tagline for Aromaflage is "fragrance with function." The perfumes and candles in the line contain essential oils that claim to repel bugs as effectively as DEET. The idea of natural ingredients is particularly appealing if you don't love the idea of spraying DEET all over yourself (I definitely don't).

So I was definitely intrigued from the start, and decided to put Aromaflage to the test. My two main concerns were: Does it actually repel bugs? And does it smell nice enough that it would be worth wearing as a perfume even it doesn't repel bugs?

I was definitely worried that it would just smell like a perfumed bug spray. Luckily, the first spritz allayed my fears.

Their classic scent has notes of vanilla, orange peel, and cedarwood. It smells sweet and citrusy with a base of silky warmth from the cedar. It's not overpowering enough to interfere with other scents in case I want to wear a different fragrance while still being protected from bugs, but the sillage is pretty strong if you use more than a couple spritzes.

They also have another scent, Aromaflage Wild, that I didn't like as much as the classic fragrance. This one has notes of cardamom, cedar, and spruce. On paper that sounds right up my alley, but unfortunately, it just didn't work well on my skin. If the notes sound appealing to you then try to sample it at Nordstrom (it's marked down online right now!) to see if you like it since this is one of those fragrances that you'll either love or hate.

As for their efficacy at repelling bugs, I've been wearing Aromaflage while outside for the past week or so and have yet to suffer any bug bites. I walk my dog multiple times every day, and we go to the dog park as well as hiking in the woods, so there's definitely been plenty of chances for me to get eaten alive. I'm very pleased with these results, and I'm looking forward to wearing the classic Aromaflage fragrance all summer.

I also want to mention the packaging. I appreciate it when a brand clearly puts thought into every aspect of a product, including the aesthetics. These rollerballs come in pretty boxes that I'm going to try to repurpose, and inside, they're housed in sturdy drawstring bags so they're easy to transport.

If I run out of the rollerball before summer's over, I may have to upgrade to the 50ml bottle. I love the idea of a natural bug repellant that actually has a beautiful scent, and I really love the fact that it works.

  • Will you try anything from the Aromaflage line?
  • What are some other functions you wish your perfume had? I want one with SPF and another that repels cat-callers.