4 Pink Beauty Products To Complement My Perfect Pink Hair

Your hair doesn’t need to be pink to wear these beautiful products, but your hair should probably be pink anyway.
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February 14, 2014
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Every great artist goes through iconic phases. Picasso had his Blue Period, Christina Aguilera had her Stripped Era. I am going through my Pink Period.

Continuing my streak of really great decisions, my hair is currently pastel pink. I love it. It’s ethereal and weird and totally not appropriate for these harsh winter months, or, appropriate ever, really. But here we are.

Personally, I think that pastels work much better with people’s complexions than neon hair colors do. I find that they’re easier to incorporate into normal, everyday looks, and can compliment people's natural coloring instead of washing them out or making them look like a rebellious teenager. Shout out to rebellious teenagers!

I’m really enjoying messing around with pastels, and have found a couple of pink products that work with my very not-natural hair color -- and that help pull it all together and make it look even better. Your hair doesn’t need to be pink to wear these beautiful products, but your hair should probably be pink anyway.

So, first up is Maybelline’s Face Studio Master Hi-Light Blush in Pink Rose, $9.99.

Have you heard everyone screaming their praises about these new Maybelline highlighting blushes? Good god. They’re pretty new, and they have certainly been creating a buzz. And for damn good reason. I am immediately down for anything that promises to add some light to my face, since my soul is so dark, but these babies are game changing. I genuflect every time I pass them on my bathroom counter.

Using our deductive reasoning, we know that these are part blush, part highlighter. The pan is a mosaic of rich shades of pink that all blend together to give you a rosy, glowy flush of color.

A few swipes of the brush over your cheekbones and you get a gorgeous, subtle illuminating effect; a few more swipes on the apples of your cheeks to build the color, and you’re good to go.

The powder is milled so finely that you’re not going to look glittery, and the color is pigmented enough you’re not going to overdo it the second you touch the brush to your cheeks. I usually start off by overzealously patting a big fluffy brush all over my face for some glow, then building the color where I want it. This blush is a really easy way to get expert-looking application while still having very little clue what you’re actually doing.

The Master Hi-Light Blushes are available in six shades, four blushes and two bronzers, and you should try them all. They’re that good. OH. And have you seen the new Maybelline Master Glazes yet? I have them but I haven’t tried them out yet. Every time I pass them, they call out to me, "PUT ME ON YOUR FACE."

NARS Adelaide Illuminator from their Final Cut Collection, $30.

Let’s talk about impulse purchases. There I was, bundled up on my couch looking at the -40 degree chills outside my windows, a single tear frozen to my cheek, while "Sex & The City" reruns played in the background. Just when I thought all hope was lost, an email hit my inbox introducing me to the NARS Final Cut Collection, available exclusively at Nordstrom. I took one look at Adelaide, their shimmery pink illuminator and was like “Yup.” Pre-ordered it immediately.

NARS illuminators are delicious and this one is no different. It’s a bit more pigmented than I expected. It’s still sheer, but there’s definitely a lot of color payoff here, so you can use it in place of or in conjunction with blush.

Much like NARS Orgasm, Adelaide also has good amount of silver glitter in it, which I didn’t realize until I was AT WORK. It was kind of like the scene in Mean Girls when Regina realizes that someone cut the nipples out of her tank top and shrugs it off like, “Eh.” I’m already the dude in the office with pink hair, it’s not like a little glitter is gonna phase anyone.

Adelaide is gorgeous, just look at it. I’m going to be wearing it well after I get sick of this pink hair.

As much as I want to rock a dramatic hot pink lip, I just don’t think I’m there yet. But, I’ve been using Revlon’s Colorburst Laquer Balm in Coquette, $8.99, for a little bit more pink on my mouth.

I chose a lacquer balm over the mattes (which I actually prefer) because they’re a bit more malleable. Since my lips have been grossly chapped with these subzero temperatures, I wanted it to be able to mix nicely with my lip balm so I could smudge it around and use it more as a stain. It’s a lighter pink, and since it’s so close to my current hair color, it isn’t actually that noticeable. More than anything, it helps ~frame the face~ and makes everything pop a little more.

Last, a product that’s not for the face, but that I bought specifically because I’m going through this obnoxious Pink Period.

I was running around Chicago and bopped into Lush to pick up more of my exalted Olive Branch body wash and a pot of Feeling Younger -- when I saw THIS staring me in the face.

Lush's Fair Trade Foot Lotion, $23.95.

It’s pink and it’s packed with cocoa butter and peppermint and spearmint oils. Pink and minty? Two of my favorite things!!! Except I wasn’t that into the idea of a lotion specifically for feet. I'm not freaked out by feet like some of you weirdos, but I also don't want to spend a whole lot of extra time touching them. Sorry, I don't know why I felt like I had to justify that. Anyway, I redundantly asked one of the sales girls, “You can like, use this on other parts of your body, right?”

To which she replied, “Uh, yeah.”

And I was all, “Awesome thanks for all your help.”

I vigorously apply the lotion every night as I slither into bed. It smells so delightfully pepperminty, with a touch of chocolate, from all the cocoa butter. I've made it part of my daily (and nightly) routine, so I'll probably use it up before this winter ends, if it ever, in fact, ends, and will definitely be buying more. It's the best foot lotion I've ever used! Even though I'm using it everywhere but my feet.

What are your favorite pink products? Let me know, so I can cover myself in them. What beauty products are you loving right now? Did you love fashion week? Did you HATE fashion week? Let's talk in the comments. Ready, go.

Tynan is pink on Twitter: @TynanBuck.