IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: Cat's Carry-On Is Full of...Weird Cat Stuff. Obviously.

I went through Cat's bag and all I found was this lousy bag of blood.
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March 22, 2012
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While Cat was in the bathroom yesterday, I took the liberty of going through her carry-on bag to give you a tour of her things (as promised). It's fine, she doesn't mind. I already have her credit card information and all of her email passwords, so there isn't much left to hide.

If anyone needs some kind of e-reader, it's Cat. Her giant Lanvin tote is brimming with books and newspapers like some sort of literate-glam derelict. I couldn't capture everything, as she wasn't gone for long. Here's a little sampling of what's in Cat's bag.

American Psycho, $11:

Each time Cat finishes reading this classic, she starts it over again. I've read it too, and love Bret Easton Ellis, but have you seen the movie version? The opening scene is one of

the most iconic beauty moments

in the history of film.

Newport hat:

Cat collects cigarette merch -- weirdo -- and this is just one of the many hats in her big bag. I have a feeling she's going to pop this thing on our MakeUnder subject today, as well. If you want one of your own, you'll have to trowl around eBay for a few days, as Cat is wont to do.

Logic Black Label Electronic Cigarette, $11:

HA! She has no idea I snapped this photo. Logic is Cat's new E-cig of choice, and she spent the entire flight puffing on it. The good news? I haven't seen her light up a Marlboro since we set out for Los Angeles. Progress!

Mystery item:

I have no idea what is inside this ominous little baggy. The blood of Pete Dougherty? A souvenir from Sharon Stone's mentrual cycle? Your guess is as good as mine. Strangely enough, TSA wasn't alarmed.

We're in Santa Monica now at


with just a few hours before the top secret MakeUnder shoot, so I have to go get dressed and prepare.

Now, what would you like to see while Cat and I are on the West Coast? And what do you think is in the bloody mystery bag? The winning guess gets a prize!

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