FLASHBACK FRIDAY! A Fragrance That Reminds Me Of My Weird Adolescence And Is Perfect For Easter!

An Easter fragrance? Yes, I’m serious.
Publish date:
April 18, 2014
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Are you excited for Easter? At the very least, are your nails a festive, springy pastel? Everyone knows that Easter is all about rolling away the stone in front of your cute spring dresses and open-toe shoes, and the resurrection of pastels. What did y’all give up for Lent? I didn’t give up anything because I DESERVE TO HAVE EVERYTHING.

But you know what I discovered during Lent? A fragrance that’s perfect for Easter! An Easter fragrance? Yes, I’m serious. And no, it doesn’t smell like chocolate bunnies, Paas egg dye, and Peeps, although if there were such a scent, I would be wearing it right now.

I always harp on the fact that fragrances are like witchcraft. They can dig up demons from your past and evoke memories like nothing else. Want to be followed around the ghost of a former lover all day? Sure you do! Just wear their old fragrance. You feel that? That’s your heart crashing through your stomach.

Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me their exquisite Provence Tales collection and there is one scent in particular that really resonated with me because it reminded me of my days as an altar boy (which is going to be a great tidbit in my E! "True Hollywood Story.")

The second I smelled Embers by Rouge Bunny Rouge, I had to laugh to myself, because it smells exactly like the incense used in the church that I grew up in. Being Episcopalian, we only brought out incense for Christmas and Easter, so it reminds me of great big holidays and sweating balls while wearing church robes. The scent basically makes me feel like I’m thirteen again, which is, in its own way, mortifying.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Provence Tales collection ($149.74 each) is made up of three fragrances. Silvan is like a more balanced Bang by Marc Jacobs, and Cynefin is a very wet, metallic fragrance that's great for summer nights. But Embers is my fave.

To me, Embers smells just like incense, but why? The top notes pop off with pink pepper, which demands attention, and is then leveled out with the warmth of nutmeg and clove. As soon as you take a whiff, there’s a lot going on. I’m so used to seeing fragrances with sweet, fruity notes on top that this is a nice and welcome change.

In the middle, we have a floral arrangement of freesia, jasmine, and, you guessed it, incense! At its base, it’s anchored by the woody balsam and sandalwood.

To me, Embers is centered around incense, but that’s because I have such a connection to whatever specific kind of incense I was so used to smelling growing up. You might smell something different entirely. What I find most impressive is that the scent is almost equal parts spicy, floral and woody, but because this fragrance is beautifully crafted and balanced, all of the notes blend together to compliment and enhance one another.

Okay so tell me, are you into incense scents? Whew, that was mouthful. What fragrances send you careening down memory lane? What scents smell like something else weirdly specific from your past? Tell me in the comments! Let's get weird.

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