These Are My Favorite Lip & Nail Colors For Spring 2016

What colors are you loving this spring?
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April 19, 2016
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I was holding off on writing a article about spring products until it actually felt like spring. I've been sourcing products for spring coverage, but up until last week, it was still snowing. The hell am I supposed to write an article about spring when it still feels like winter?

But now, it seems that spring has officially arrived and is here to stay, so I feel safe crawling out of this hole I've been hibernating in since September and tell you guys about some springy shit I'm into at the moment. This isn't an article about spring trends, necessarily, because covering trends bores me (this is a lie and we both know it but humor me) so some of these products are new, but some aren't. Regardless, they're all perfect for spring.

I feel like the products that everyone has been excited for in the past couple of weeks has been the 10 new shades of liquid lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The new shades expand their range of nudes, and incorporate the brown lip trend that's still alive and well, plum-beiges, and a bright purple and pink to round out the summer collection.

One of my favorite new shades is called Ashton, a midtone yellow-brown, $20.

I shot this color on my friend named Ashton, because I am very creative.

Like, are you kidding?

Now, I would never lie to you, but I will tell you that Anastasia Beverly Hills made this color specifically for her and then named it after her.

That's not true, but just look at it and try to disagree.

I'm mad.

The whole brown lip trend is one of the only lip trends that I was holding out on to the best of my ability, but it's game over. Maybe I'm not about a straight brown lip, but shades like these that lean more red or especially this yellow brown have me signed on officially.

Wait, speaking of brown-reds, Alyssa, owner of Drunk Lunch boutique here in Madison, where we shot these two lovely ladies, is wearing Kathryn, a brown berry.

I am still not a big red lip guy, but the way that this matte brick brown pops off of her fair complexion just might convince me.

These two women in these two colors proves that everything that I think about beauty I know is a lie! Happy spring!

Only weeks after ColourPop turned my world upside down the the release of their new Ultra Satin formula, they release new shades of both the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satins! I'm fucked!

I still remember how good Ashton looks in light, bright purple tones from the last time I shot her, so when she grabbed Privacy Please Ultra Matte Lip, $6, I knew magic was about to be made *again.*

It's definitely, noticeably purple, but still wearable and warm enough to flatter any skin tone. This one was love at first site.

When I broke out the new ColourPop shades, Alyssa reached for Are & Be, the perfect middle ground between a warm mauve and a rich plum.

This one is darker on the lip than the tube would lead you to believe, but gorgeous nonetheless. What I like about these beigey-plums is that they always look different on everyone, depending on their skin tone and undertone. Alyssa pulls this one off flawlessly.

My very favorite lip colors are always some mix of lavender, gray, and taupe. ColourPop's Cheap Thrills Ultra Matte is, dare I say it, perfect?

I saw this color and knew it was OVER for me. This may not strike you as the most summery color, but I think it's perfect for the whole damn year, least for me. It's the best version of a new neutral, great for day or night, and flattering for anyone's skin. Any lip color that leans gray is an immediate hit for me, and Cheap Thrills knocked it out of the damn park.

My favorite lip that plays around with lavender tones is Kapow, a liquid lipstick also from ColourPop. These are cousins, not sisters, as Kapow is grayer and more taupey, and Cheap thrill is heavy on the lavender. They both kick my ass equally though. What's your favorite gray-toned lip? Tell me in the comments or tweet me! Were you able to snatch Jeffree Star's Scorpio that released this weekend? I smell a roundup!

The last lip color of the bunch, and the only one that's not new, is my favorite lip color of the moment: Pasadena by OFRA Cosmetics, $19.90.

Why this color, you ask? I don't know. The shade is hard to describe (it's a little warmer than in the photo above, actually.) It's a warm beige that's almost the exact color of my lips, but better. What's the point of wearing a lip color the exact shade of your lips? Well, because it looks amazing, that's why.

Remember when Marci suggested that matching your lipstick to your nipples was a great way to find the perfect lip color for you?

So I got kind of curious and,


Anyway, all I'm saying is that us Jane girls are smart.

I'm still loving the OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick formula, too. It's light, fluffy, and gives you great coverage while being comfortable all day. It doesn't dry down to a complete matte, but it gives you a satin finish while feeling cushiony throughout wear with minimal transfer.

Now, for NAILS.

This first color isn't new, but it's my go-to spring color. I don't have many colors that I'll use until the bottle almost runs out, but Creme De La Creme by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is one of them.

BOY that name is embarrassing. I actually get asked about this color a lot because it's that good. When straight guys ask me about my nails, that's when I know they're catching some eyes. But I can barely bring myself to say the name out loud. "Creme De La Creme." Ugh, knock it off.

BUT. BUT. The color is so good it blows my mind. It's a milky white with just the tiniest bit of pale pink. It's not supposed to give you full, opaque coverage, but it's not exactly a sheer, either. It lets just enough light penetrate the polish for you to notice that it's not full coverage, but it's not one of those infuriating sheer shades only meant for french manicures on lawyers in the 90s.

It's one of the best, coolest, and most elegant nail colors in the drugstore. I've been wearing it for the last three weeks. Definitely pick this one up.

Finally, my favorite nail company, Floss Gloss, just released not one, but two shades perfect for summer. Somewhere in the back of my demonic mind, I wanted Floss Gloss to give us some unapologetic brights, and that is exactly what they did.

First, the perfect scalding hot pink Maliboob Job, $8.

I, in my infinite wisdom and encyclopedia-rivaling knowledge of nail color, have always said that nothing glows like a Floss Gloss lacquer, and Maliboob Job just set the bar even higher.

Next is El Capitan, a true blue.

Alright, my god.

A really good blue is really hard to find. And don't talk to me about that one Essie color that everyone gags over because that shade doesn't hold a candle. I used to think that YSL's Bleu Majorelle was the standard when it came to the perfect blue, until I, like, got a clue. Actually, Cirque has one that's pretty damn good, so maybe that's a lesson that we should only be buying nail colors from the up and coming beauty brands.

El Capitan is a vibrant cobalt blue that is, fuck it, I'm just going to say it: It's perfect. Blues are like purples in that there are a lot of them, but a good, bright blue is nearly impossible to come by. Not anymore.

What colors are you loving this spring? Tell me in the comments below!

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