How I Got Addicted to Lash Crack

After all the waxing and manicures and haircuts and clothes, lash extensions really do make me feel more beautiful.
Publish date:
December 12, 2011
eyelashes, eyelash extensions

Life too often feels like a monotonous repeat of the day before, and so I’m always looking for something to pull me out of its dullness. Hence, shopping!

There’s something so satisfying about buying something new, something that promises…something good, even when it rarely does much of anything. Until I found eyelash extensions.

After all the waxing and manicures and haircuts and clothes, lash extensions really do make me feel more beautiful.

Primp Daddy is manned by the gorgeous Morgan (see photos of him at the website), who has a bunch of celebrities on his client list (he’s under contract with each to not reveal whom --believe me, I tried to wrestle some names from him). He runs shops in Portland, Oregon, where I live, and in New York City.

It was Morgan who encouraged me to have his employee Katie do my lashes because she was trained by him and cheaper. She even does his lashes, he assured. So, I did.

The first time I went in there, Katie assessed what sorts of lashes made the most sense for me. She explained that Morgan trained her well to determine the trajectory of the natural lash, and then she chose a range of lash weights and curls to create the right look, based on my request.

She gave me a middleweight lash with a medium curl. Your first set takes two hours, but unlike almost everything else we women do to pretty ourselves up, getting lash extensions involves no pain, just some weird tugging and tape application around the eyes.

Before I left she painted on some sealer, which she said would help cure the glue. They sell this if you want it. For free, though, you get an all-natural lash wash (Morgan nixed the name “lashpoo,” which he said made it sound gross), which you use to condition your lashes and wash away any additional makeup you want to wear -- but believe me, you won’t feel like you need it.

While getting my recent fill, which takes closer to an hour, Katie and I discussed how often lash extensions go wrong. She and Morgan have fixed many botched lash jobs, including lots of broken lashes, lash clusters, glue globs, and the wrong length of lashes.

Indeed, when I told my 1,300 closest Facebook pals I was getting lash extensions, a few of them commented that I shouldn’t, that they had had terrible experiences with them, and mostly for the reasons Katie told me about. But my experience has been only awesome.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have the money to drop on lashes done by people who know what they’re doing, don’t bother. Get a recommendation from someone. Also, it might make sense to get them applied just once for a special event, like a wedding or, I don’t know, New Years’ Eve.

But watch out: Katie called the apparent need to keep getting them filled “lash crack.” I know for me that now that my significant other thinks I look this beautiful all the time I don’t want to disappoint him by letting him find out I have lame, human eyelashes.