I May Or May Not Have Turned Jane Into An Eyelash Extension Addict

I knew what would happen once she got them, but I kept my mouth shut like the beauty-peddling monster that I am.
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November 20, 2014
eyelashes, eyelash extensions

Hey, remember me? I’m guessing 77 percent of you are like, “Um, no,” but for the 23 percent that do have a vague recollection of me being part of the xoJane crew, this post marks my return to the site since I went back to the freelance world in June. What can I say; I prefer to work on my couch in my pajamas. Daily showers are for suckers, amirite?

So while I have descended back into my too-lazy-to-get-dressed ways, at least I did something very meaningful before I left: I placed Jane into the capable hands of an amazing lash artist. Everybody knows that beauty-wise, Jane is pretty low-key, except for when she’s getting all dolled up for a photo shoot. She usually comes to work with air-dried hair and little to zero makeup. So I was a bit surprised when she said she was thinking of getting lash extensions. Surprised, yet SO EXCITED. The only thing I like more than helping people try new beauty stuff is over-analyzing it with them afterward.

Now if you’ve had eyelash extensions before, you know that they make you feel like the most gorgeous thing alive -- the wide-eyed effect is so addictive. This can be problematic because the service ain’t cheap. It’s also high maintenance. I am well aware of this harsh reality and yet I enthusiastically encouraged Jane to go to Xtreme Lashes, one of the best lash extension companies in the game.

They kindly hooked her up with a comp session plus a touch-up, and now Jane is officially strung out. OK, so maybe she didn’t use those exact words when I spoke to her, but I read between the lines. As she put it: “This is the best beauty decision I’ve ever made. I was thrilled with it as soon as I saw myself in the mirror. It’s the single most transformative beauty thing I can think of. I just want to keep getting them, they’re so damn good.” I am not surprised that she’s hooked. Her eyes look fantastic.

Michelle Chen, certified lash stylist at MesmerEyes is the one responsible for Jane’s life-changing look, but if you want in on this, Xtreme Lashes has pros all over the country. The initial process takes about 90 minutes, and a full set of lashes will run you $190 to $390 depending on how dramatic you want to go. Michelle told me that most customers need a touch up after three weeks, but it depends on how well you take care of your lashes and how fast your natural lashes grow. And now I am officially sick of typing the word “lashes” so I am going to abruptly switch topics.

There’s another reason Jane’s eyes have been looking different lately: She got the Brow Resurrection service (eyebrow tattoos) at Browhaus.

I’ve never done anything more to my brows than waxing, so I was eager to hear the details about Jane’s appointment. “They put numbing cream on for 15 minutes before they do it. It doesn’t hurt, but you can hear and feel that they are poking into the skin and painting over it. After the numbing cream wears off the next day, the area is tender like a tattoo would be. Then it scabs and that comes off and you apply vitamin E oil and an ointment a few times a day. And you’re not supposed to get your brows wet for one week,” Jane explained.

Just so that you see that the process of getting your eyebrows tattooed doesn't hurt much, Jane filmed herself getting it done.

Eyebrow tattoos aren’t permanent but they last for two years. I love how Jane’s came out (they look even better when she wears her glasses), but I would be terrified of leaving the salon looking like Zachary Quinto, the Evil Queen in Snow White or something equally disastrous. Blame it on my trust issues. Maybe I should work through those so I too can have amazing eyebrows every day when I wake up. Yes, I am motivated to go to therapy for all the right reasons.

And now, we’ve reached the point where you guys get to weigh in (nicely and politely) on Jane’s Extreme Eye Makeover. Go!