EYE GLOSS: Steal Rihanna's Gleamy Look From the "FourFiveSeconds" Video

As xoJane’s resident Rihanna historian, I can officially say that it is an incredible song.
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February 4, 2015

Two Saturdays ago, earth legitimately stopped spinning on its axis and time stood still when the queen of music, fashion, and the world, Rihanna, gave us a taste of her long-awaited new music. The song is a collaboration with yet another one of my idols, Kanye West, and some guy that I’ve never heard of named Paul McCartney (I’m joking, I love the Rolling Stones.)

The sound is called "FourFiveSeconds," and the minute it dropped, I got up and walked out of a fund-raiser that was hosted by my own mother to stream it on my phone.

Rihanna is giving us VOCALS, assisted by a verse or two from Kanye, which he sings, not raps, and Mr. McCartney on the acoustic guitar. It’s completely different than the club banger (sorry) we were all expecting her to kick off the #R8 era with, and it got instant love-it-or-hate-it reviews from the only critics that matter: teenage gays on Twitter. But as xoJane’s resident Rihanna historian, I can officially say that it is an incredible song.

If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out and I hate you. The video just came out, so kill two birds with one stone below.

The video is as stripped down as the song, styled by Kanye, who is a legit fashion icon in his own right. Everyone is wearing full denim on denim on denim ensembles, officially making it okay to rock full denim looks, so watch out spring 2015. Rihanna, sporting a vintage Sean Jean denim jacket, slicked back hair, and her tattoos, was of course still able to turn this into a beauty moment.

Her skin, hell, her entire body, is gleaming throughout in a near otherworldly way. I’m guessing her hair and makeup station consisted of only body oils, primers, and illuminators, not unlike my bathroom counter.

What really caught my eye, though, were her eyes. From lid to crease to brow bone, even her inner corners almost to the bridge of her nose, were so shiny that they almost looked wet. There were a ton of different ways she could have had her makeup done for this black and white clip, and I liked that she opted for an all-over glow, and tons of, what I can only assume, is eye gloss.

Eye gloss! Yes, eye gloss is a thing. The video Rih-minded me that I've had some lying around for a while now, and I thought this was the perfect time to break it out. If Rihanna is wearing eye gloss, and so much of it, it is clearly a sign from god (Rihanna) that the time has come.

As I said before, I normally don’t do much in the way of eye makeup, as I have very hooded lids, which tend to kill most eyeshadow looks. This look stood out to me because it’s very minimal, making it easy to apply to a number of different eye shapes.

Glossy lids are super weird, but like, high fashion weird. I really think shiny lids (not oily lids) can take the place of shadow and just look so much better than spending 20 minutes bent over your Naked 2 palette and stressed out. To me, super shiny lids are very ~editorial~.

I wanted to re-create her glossed up look, and here's how I did it. I started off with a little foundation and concealer, to just to even things out.

I wanted to put down just a little bit of a shimmery base color on my lid to accentuate the gloss and add dimension when all was said and done. Since you’re going to be topping this all off with eye gloss at the end, it's important that you don’t use any powder anywhere on the eye, no powder primer, shadow, or liner, as it will end up moving around under the gloss as you wear. Try to stick with cream, gel, or liquid shadows and liners, if possible. I was going to use this luxe liquid shadow just a bit darker than my skin tone, but it turned out to have a faulty applicator and broke all over me (and my couch) before I started, so I had to improvise.

I took two parts Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold, $6.99, and mixed it with one part Tough As Taupe to mute the shiny yellow gold and make it a bit more of a shimmery neutral that would be more subtle and complimentary to my skin.

I actually really like how it turned out.

Then, I took a gel liner, Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black, $9.99, and lined my lash line, nothing crazy.

Then I took one of Sonia Kashuk’s eye-smudging brushes and went over the gel liner with short, quick, back and forth strokes, smoking it out just a little, to diffuse the line. I liked the idea of having an imperfect, greasy-looking black line framing my eyes under the gloss, so I got my line perfect, and then messed it up.

Putting gloss over any sort of makeup is just begging it to move around, so I didn’t want my line to be too perfect and get thrown into a blind rage when the liner ended up getting smudged because of the eye gloss.

Now for the star of the show. Eddie Funkhouser’s Chromographic Eye Gloss in Iridescent Gold, $11.99.

Now before you start in on me, yes, eye gloss is a lot like lip gloss. Okay? Can we get that out of the way? Thank you. The differences are few and far between, but eye glosses aren’t scented, they usually have different kinds of shimmer than a lip gloss, and they’re less sticky. I know this because I also put eye gloss on my lips.

The eye gloss itself went on pretty thick at first, but after a couple seconds, your body heat warms it up and it becomes easy to work with and ends up doing most of the work for you.

I found that if I used the applicator and applied a line of gloss above my lash line and below my crease, after about 30 seconds, a couple blinks, and minimal work on my part, my lids were evenly covered.

This is a plus because once the gloss is sitting on your shadow and liner, you don’t want to touch it more than you have to for fear of smudging everything below it.

Oh, and then I got eye gloss on my camera mid-photo...

Then I topped it off with Maybelline's new Lash Sensational Mascara, which I was on the fence about at first but now absolutely love. I'm only just now realizing that I'm basically using all Maybelline for this article. It's not my fault it's the best.

Here’s where I admit that had I known how hard this look would be to photograph, I may not have even pitched it. I just, sometimes I forget that I’m not actually Rihanna and don’t have a makeup and lighting team at my disposal at all times. It’s the weirdest thing.

I always shoot in natural light, but my camera just wasn’t picking up the gleamy reflectiveness of the gloss, and a flash didn’t help much either. I did manage to get some decent shots to show you guys the end result, but next time, I’m calling David LaChapelle.

So here is the least flattering picture you will ever see of me on this website or any other, but it's the one that best showcases my extremely gleamy lids.


In the photo above and below, you can really tell how reflective my lids are going outward from the middle, and I think the gloss really helps bring out the minimal eyeshadow I applied to start.

What do you think? I really like extremely glossy lids and think this is something I'm going to play around with more. Have you tried eye gloss before? What do you think? What do you think of "FourFiveSeconds"? Rih-spond in the comments.

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