Exposure Therapy With Pretty Things: Pink Makeup for Dark, Morbid Souls

It's hard to be optimistic this week, so let's get shallow and bright and happy with Sanrio pinks.
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April 18, 2013
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I planned to write an intro about how the world was doomed. But Olivia beat me to it, quite poetically.

This week was a big, smelly doozy -- especially as an American. Boston. Obama shaming the Senate over the failed gun reform amendment while the family members of Sandy Hook victims bawled in the background. An Elvis impersonator, maybe, sending ricin in an envelope to the U.S. Capitol. (I thought poison via the post ended in 2002?)

I realize the world is full of terrible things happening all the time (including sex slavery, starvation, murder, and a whole buffet of other unimaginable shit-filled delights). This is the kind of week that throws right it in your face.


It’s difficult to stay optimistic, especially when you’re already a dark, morbid person like I am. I mean, I’m no longer obsessed with offing myself, or chugging bottles of cough syrup and moseying around graveyards, or dating guys in bad bands, or staying in bed all day, ‘cause what’s the point of living?

Still, that, um, darkness, hasn't left me.

Out of the six books I read while getting “centered” in Palm Springs, my favorite ended with the narrator shooting himself in the head. I can probably watch "28 Days Later" on a loop for the rest of my life.

I know this is like, the STYLE, now, but I recently got these shoes that look like they could be worn by a demon lady in hell:

As I'm trying to be a little less harsh and doom-and-gloom, I’ve been implementing more pretty makeup into my palette (it’s not like I’m going to WEAR bright-bright colors -- let’s not force anything right now).

Plus, this week, it's hard to be positive, so let's get shallow, and bright and happy with Sanrio pinks. Here are some choice picks:

Urban Outfitters Nailpolish in Rodeo Sweetheart

I got this polish in lieu of flowers after surgery and I DIG IT. It’s such an odd color, that’s kind of a My Little Pony-pastel pink/purple for grown ups. It’s bold, but not like neon polish or nail-stickers-with-a-fingernail-piercing-obnoxious.

A couple reviews on the website says it chips without a topcoat. But, errr, use a topcoat? I’ve been wearing mine now for four days with minimal chips. Always wear a topcoat. Who are these people?

Also, you’d think Urban Outfitters would have the sickest e-commerce, but I cannot even link to the right one and the colors don’t appear to be labeled. Go impulse shop at the register at you’re nearest U.O., like you would, anyway.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick

Sorry, Tynan. This chubby crayon from Revlon DESTROYS their marker stain + balm. I loved mine (had it in Flame), but it dried out after only a couple months, and I had to toss it.

This balm's much more nourishing and makes my lips feel lucscious and bright and big and not anything like my real lips at all. I love it.

Posietint by Benefit

I had the full size of this, then dropped it on the floor, it shattered everywhere, and my room looked like a Care Bear crime scene. I got the baby size in one of Benefit's beauty kits. The smaller verison is better for toting around in your purse or gym bag or whatever to use as an everyday lip stain. It's a cheek stain as well -- just dab some with the bottle's brush on the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingers, using a circular motion. Versatile! The color is light, subtle, and pretty.

Though pretty pink makeup makes me feel less sad trombone, I suppose it always comes off and doesn't really change a single thing in this scary world at all.

Yet it's important to give yourself a boost -- spritz on that floral-citrus perfume, too! -- and to stay optimistic and hopeful for change.

One of the best pieces of advice I got this year is, "Be the person you'd admire." Maybe that's nonsensical, but it blew my mind. Why would anyone admire me if I thought the world was going to shit?

I'd like to think the person I most admire is sassy as FUCK with luscious lips and a bright pink aura, sort of like in "Legally Blonde 2," (but not that corny). And someone with a loving heart, and some sort of assurance that things can get better.


Tell me the last dark book or movie you read, or one you're obsessed with. I had to stop reading "We Need To Talk About Kevin" this week and picked up "The Spirit Junkie" like a few of you recommended instead. Are you a spike-y shoe wearing pessimist, or do you do swear by yoga, and have everything figured out, and I know I need to do yoga. Or simply tell me your favorite pink beauty product (Nars lipstick in Schiap, right?).

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