Even MORE cool girl beauty travelling companions

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August 23, 2012
travel beauty, holiday make-up

I’m of the view that the best product recommendations are the ones you get from friends or, if you’re brave enough to ask (I never am), incredibly cool looking women you see in the street. After grilling some well travelled pals on what they always carry with them when they go on holiday last week, I just got some more handy suggestions and as I was brought up to share my toys, here they are...

The fashion blogger: Emily Johnston

Emily avec ice cream cone

From creepily tracking her movements via Twitter and Facebook I’ve managed to deduce that fashionfoiegras’ Emily has been to Sweden, London and Ibiza in the last five minutes (or that’s how it feels) so she’s the perfect person to dish on products that go the distance.

“There are a few staples I carry absolutely everywhere when I'm travelling. First I seem to never leave home without Simple Skincare wipes (£3.20, boots.com.) Seems I'm not the only one as every makeup artist in the biz seems to have these with them on set. However, I always leave room in the suitcase for new products I may discover when on holiday. If I'm travelling to the USA, France or Italy, for example, I know I had better leave half the suitcase free. The pharmacies in foreign countries are like goldmines and the treasures are all currently lining my bathroom walls."

The model: Olivia Inge

Olivia doing her thing

"The things I am at a loss for unless they are stuffed into my... (namedrop commencing)...Vivienne Westwood heart bowling bag (you can literally throw everything in it, it's like a Mary Poppins bag, it has a bottomless bottom) include:

1. Therapie Aura SprayIf you happen to board a plane slightly tired and hungover, waking up from a non-sleep with the awful realisation that passport control awaits, it can cause one to come over all Patsy darling. This spray immediately calms and gently wakens the soul. The mix of (amongst other ingredients), organic rose water (cleansing and hydrating) and frankincense water (helps quash anxiety while pushing energy levels up) smells tantalisingly good. It instantly transports you to a happy place of meadows and flowers and all things natural and kind. The opposite of an airport. Our sense of smell is by far our most powerful sense. The nerve receptors are linked directly to the brain. Spraying carefully chosen essential oils mixed with water is quicker and much better for you than popping a pill. £22, cultbeauty.co.uk

2. Pommade DivineI am never without my Pommade Divine. Dryness of lips is something I never want to live with. In my humble opinion, this is the best salve on the market. £7.94, cultbeauty.co.uk

3. UltraSunI love swimming and hate having to reapply sunscreen. I have a lot of skin to navigate around and it becomes exhausting if you have to keep covering it in protection over the course of a day. It's more moisturising than P20, it also doesn't have that alchohol dryness that P20 unfortunately gives. It protects me against UVA and UVB and is great for kids too. Job done, floating in the Aegean, here I come. From £16.94, cultbeauty.co.uk

4. Ray-Ban sunglassesCos they are cool with a cool screen of protection. They are like a hug for your eyes. COOL. From £120, asos.com

5. A good waxA wax with George at HulaNails in Whitecross St, EC1 (tel: 07557 142055) is essential. She is the best waxer I have ever come across. She protects the skin with a layer of oil so the skin doesn't stick to the Lycon, only the hairs. Minimum pain and you can walk out in your tightest jeans without a care.

6. DJV Mascara DJV mascara in black with a lick of blinc mascara to make it watertight. Although DJV is sweat proof, oil proof and tear proof, it isn't sea/pool proof so that's where blinc comes in to coat it in a protective tube that satisfyingly slips off in your fingers with warm water. DJV mascara, £18, cultbeauty.co.uk and blinc mascara, £18.50, blincuk.co.uk

7. Institut EsthedermI use Institut Esthederm Tan Enhancer to prolong my tan, prevent it from peeling and feed my skin nutrients (it works as a lovely moisturiser with or without the sun). £39.50, cultbeauty.co.uk

Picture Credit: Ram Shergill