EUROPEAN WAX CENTER OVER EVERYTHING, Plus, How I Tried to Book a Brazilian on Easter

I have some excellent news: I’ve found a virtually painless Brazilian wax.
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April 1, 2013
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I have some excellent news: I’ve found a virtually painless Brazilian wax. Big claim, maybe, but I’ll stand by it. At least until technological advancements make hair removal actually painless. Or until we all abandon our desire for grown women to look like 9-year-olds down below…either way!

While you wait for one of those two things to happen, I’d go to EUROPEAN WAX CENTER. I’ve been twice now, and I still can’t get over how ... efficient they are. They use their own “100% all natural beeswax,” which is stripless. Stripless is key. Both appointments took less than 12 minutes. And I had a different aesthetician each time, so it’s not like I just got a superstar waxer or something.

The stripless wax is better than traditional strip wax, because it grabs more hair on the first try. It also doesn’t stick to your skin, which prevents the whole process from being an honest-to-god nightmare. I could never go back to traditional strip wax after experiencing the relative painlessness that is EWC’s patented formula.

The best part? A Brazilian is only $42. Of course, you’ll want to add on a generous tip (think about it: someone is ripping hair out of your ACTUAL GENITALS. Go over 20%). Even with tip, however, it’s pretty cheap.

As for after care (I’m making this sound like surgery, but it’s not), you’ll want to pick up EWC’s Ingrown Hair Serum. It has glycolic acid, which makes your skin turn over faster, so it treats and prevents ingrown hairs. I’ve been using it daily as recommended and have had zero issues.

At my last appointment, I eagerly tried to rebook for four weeks out, which apparently is Easter Sunday. Oops. The lady was like “Oh, dear, that’s Easter,” and I just responded, “Goodness you’re right! Saturday it is then,” because I am nothing if not an obedient ex-Catholic schoolgirl from the suburbs. I would never dream of having my nether regions groomed on the day our Lord rose from the dead.

SO, BASICALLY, if you are in the market for a Brazilian, abandon everything and head to EWC. They have 433 locations nationwide. Then tweet me so we can talk about how magical it all is.