New Makeup, Er, Tuesday: "Dude, I'm Sooo Tired (But I Look Pretty Good)" Edition

A day late, have you met me? I was supposed to be Monday :( .

Yo. I am EXHAUSTED this morning! How are you? How were your weekends? I barely had one, mainly because I'm an idiot and I always miss airplanes and screw things up when I'm meant to be sort of vacationing.

Emily, Anya and I were all in San Francisco for some work-related stuff that I'm too tired to really go into (not that you're dying to hear it). I was supposed to fly into California Thursday night and leave Saturday morning; instead I screwed up per usual and didn't wind up getting there until Friday afternoon. And then I flew back Saturday morning, so I spent less than 24 hours in San Fran, and I've felt sort of wrecked ever since I got back.

ANYHOW, you didn't need to hear all that. It is NEW MAKEUP Monday Tuesday, after all -- so let's just get to the products!

This is the eyeliner in the first photo -- you know, where I look like I'm creepily smelling the pencil but really I'm just weirdly holding it to my face and looking plaintive in my post-travel tiredness semi-coma. Yes, that's Jane Pratt in the background looking sexy in a skimpy sleeveless top (fine, it's not that skimpy, but dare to dream) and yes, that wall behind her is straight-up "IT'S A NEW WEEK, GODDAMMIT" yellow, the only color that Jane will allow in any office of her employ. (No, I just made that up. But that is Jane.)

The eyeliner pencil I'm loving in this photo is Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet. I have hazel eyes and love a deep purple-infused, one-shade-off-black pencil for making my eye color pop; these Ardens are particularly great because you can do the deep precise liner look beautifully, or you can smudge everything out for a smoky-sultry eye without the hassle of a shadow powder.

I am also a huge fan of the same pencil in Smoky Black, for a straightforward smoked-out, rich and inky prettiness. The pencils are so soft you can line your inner rims without irritation -- love.

OK, so over the weekend I also fell in love with this portable, chubby foundation stick by one of my favorite brands. Official name: the Make Up For Ever Pan Stick Foundation. It sort of has an old Hollywood makeup kit look to it, right? Like something you'd see backstage on Broadway. But even though it's very utilitarian-looking, packaging-wise, it couldn't be a lovelier product: really natural-looking, non-pancake-y foundation that covers wonderfully, but only where you need it to.

On the airplane, I was just dabbing the thing directly on my face where I was ruddy or broken out, then blending out with my fingers; I also used it under my eyes and on lids a little extra as concealer, because it layers beautifully for additional coverage. And even though it goes on practically seamlessly, and really smooth, it's somehow not GREASY at all. So now I'm obsessed with having this product in my bag everywhere I go: I am keeping it on me all summer, at seriously all times.

Last but not least is my manicure, which is Essie Nail Polish in Coat Azure, from the brand's "French Affair" Spring 2011 collection. Here's a better picture of it on my actual hands, which look sort of bloated and wonky in this photo but seriously, I was on a plane like ALL WEEKEND:

I really like it! I never have gotten into weird color manicures until this year, but I've been having fun playing around, and this color is really, really pretty. What do you think? And what non-traditional shades are you into right now? I'm thinking of getting neon green next ... I dunno.

Anyone else discover good makeup this weekend? Anyone travel? Anyone else friggin' DYING of fatigue and struggling at their desks? Wearing a good nail polish? Feeling boated in the fingers? Discuss.