Dwyane Wade's Nails Gave Me Writer's Block

Last night I took to Twitter and asked you guys to be my editor.
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July 13, 2012
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The Dwyane Wade Pedicure

When Dwyane Wade's matte black toenails made their internet debut this past Monday -- a month ago in internet years -- I begged Jane's assistant Tyler to try out the look on his own nails. Alas, he was too busy doing his job to leave the office for a pedicure, and with each passing day the story became old news. Dwyane Wade's nails gave me writer's block because they were the only beauty news I care about this week.

I came home late last night feeling uninspired and took to Twitter to find out what I should write about today. Here's what you assigned:

Instead of "taming" the jew fro why not let your hair live during the summer? Frizz looks beachy! Just spritz in some surf spray, twist your hair into ropey sections and let it hair dry naturally. If you really want to do away with the Jew fro, most salon Keratin treatments reduce frizz for up to six months. I haven't had a professional Keratin treatment in a while because they usually leave my hair looking thinner and less voluminous.

A Kikoy! Do you know about these things? One of my best friends used to import Kikoys from Kenya, and we would wear them with everything, especially over swimwear. My favorite Kikoys are the onces lined in terrycloth. Unlike regular towels, a terrycloth-lined Kikoy doubles as a beach coverup or sarong.

I wish I knew!

Start by brushing your eyebrows upward, which helps maximize the hair that's there and find the gaps that need to be filled in. I like a pencil with a little comb on one end like the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Then using short flicks, fill in any sparse areas with your pencil. Don't worry if it about making it look natural, you can fix that once everything is drawn in. Finally, brush through your brows again to break up the penciled in part and create the illusion of hairs.

Body scrub doesn't need to be expensive. Last month I made my own exfoliator using free condiments from O'Hare airport. All you need is brown sugar and some sort of oil -- olive, cocont, canola -- whatever you want. Don't worry about precise measurements, just play with the proportions in a cup or bowl, mixing your two ingredients until you have a consistency that you like. I go for chunky peanut butter. Ask me more questions on Twitter @JR_Schott.