My Current Drugstore Makeup Faves, Because That's What I Get Asked More Than Any Other Question

Let me warn you guys off the rip, I'll be talking about a lot of Maybelline products today.
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June 20, 2016
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Hey, wanna get ready together? Cool. Let's do it.

Lately, I've been getting asked a lot of questions about my favorite drugstore this and that, so I figured, why don't I just show you everything in one article? Great idea, I know. I'm full of 'em.

I've been wearing a lot of makeup lately, so for the past week, I've been all about a bare face and letting my skin breathe. BUT, I'll do my full beauty routine using all of my drugstore faves JUST for you, because I love you. Most of you.

So I just hopped out of the shower and did my normal skincare thing, and am ready to climb into all of this makeup.

First, primer!

Maybelline Master Prime

Let me warn you guys off the rip, I'll be talking about a lot of Maybelline products today. They're my favorite drugstore brand, and what I end up going back to again and again when I need a good, affordable product, and I've tried almost everything.

For starters, I love Master Prime. It rubs in giving my skin a velvety finish that makes a great base for makeup.

Yes, I use two primers, because I am a gigantic pain in the ass. Their Blur + Illuminate primer is incredible and should be in everyone's makeup bag. It can be used as an illuminating primer, as is its purpose. It can also be mixed into your foundation to glow it up, or used on top of everything as a highlighter.

To avoid any glow on places I already tend to get too shiny, I like to stay away from those parts with illuminators. So, I use the Blur + Redness Control on my forehead and nose, which helps to subtly color correct where I tend to get red, and then use the Blur + Illuminate one my cheeks and temples

For drugstore foundations, I have a couple favorites.

The Lumi Cushion still freaks me out because it could be a hotbed for germs, but it's such a nice, light, glowy foundation. And it's great for traveling! I'm taking it with me to Alabama this weekend because I'm thinking I might need a sheer base, and it's perfect for that. I'm also a pretty big fan of the Infallable Pro-Matte, too, and can't wait to try their Infallable Pro-Glow.

BUT, my favorite drugstore foundation is Maybelline's Dream Velvet.

The lightest shade is too light for my skin, but the next one down is just warm enough to be a little too dark, so I end up mixing two shades to get the one that's right for me.

This is a matte full coverage foundation, but it's extremely light and gives you full coverage while feeling like you're barely wearing anything on your face at all. It's easy to sheer out in places where you don't need all that coverage, too, so you have options. Every time I put it on, I'm surprised by it. The formula is crazy.

I mix it on the back of my hand:

Dot it around my face:

And get to blending.

Next is blush.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

AAAAAAAHHH this is such a wild product. It's a weird, putty-like consistency that you mash your finger into and then tap onto your face. It feels so squishy and weird, touching it makes my balls suck up into my body.

I really like it though because it goes on sheer and is buildable, and is also slightly illuminating. It lasts forever and travels well, so you don't have to worry about the pan breaking in your luggage. I always use Orchid Hush, the lavender-pink.

I just tap it onto my cheeks and then blend with the blunt end of the Beauty Blender, if needed.

On the off-chance I want to contour, which I usually don't but look at this forehead, I'll use the Chic Defining Contour Stick by Sonia Kashuk.

I know, I know, Sonia Kashuk is exclusively available at Target which isn't technically a drugstore, but they're a drugstore beauty retailer and this contour stick is eleven dollars so don't come for me.

I just bop it around my forehead and temples, maybe try to carve out some cheekbones, but my beard usually does that for me. Smudge all of that out with my finger and then blend with the Beauty Blender.

Next, of course, is HIGHLIGHTER.

L'Oreal's True Match LUMI Liquid and Powder Glow Illuminators

OMG, THESE. Drugstore highlighters are still a little hard to come by, but these say they're a highlight and they mean it.

First, I take a little (a lot) of the Liquid Glow Illuminator and put it on top of my cheekbones, temples, brow bones, inner corners, nose, anywhere I can fit it, really. I'll tap it in with my fingers and perhaps blend it.

This was post-fingers, pre-Beauty Blender, but I wanted to catch how glowy just a but of this product is.

Now that all of my liquid and cream products have been applied, I set it with a powder to hold everything in place and keep shine in check.

I would normally use Maybelline's Master Fix Setting & Perfecting Loose Powder because it's right up my alley in terms of a translucent powder and available in the drugstore, but...I lost it.

So we'll just pretend that's what I'm doing.

Now that I've powdered, I'm going to go back in with my powder highlight to kick up the glow just a little bit.

I love the Lumi powder palettes because they're a mix of four highlight colors that mix together to create a nice, multifaceted glow, but are big enough to be dipped into individually if you want to focus on one color (that lavender, hellooo.)

Next, brows.

Maybelline's Brow Define + Fill Duo

I love a boring brow pencil, but this one is very unique. On one end, it has a retractable pencil to define brows, and on the other end, it has a puff for filling brows in. The little puff actually recharches itself with powder from within the barrel every time you screw the cap back on, so you'll always be working with the same amount of product each time you uncap it.

Now for lips. Do I even need to recommend a lip product? I feel like everyone has their own favorite drugstore lip product. Mine would be Maybelline's Color Sensational lipsticks, you can't beat them.

BUT, lately I've been really into the Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur.

It's a matte lip pencil that's as easy to apply as it is to wear. The lip color applies very smoothly with no drag, clings to lips staying completely free of shine without drying your lips out.

It's very pigmented to you're going to get a big pop of color with very little product. It can be applied and blurred out with the smudger on the end for more casual wear, or you can trace your lips and completely fill them in for a bright, bold, statement lip. It looks fabulous either way.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volumizing Mascara

I've tried every mascara in the drugstore, and this is one of the few that I swear by. Sometimes I want big, fanned out, dramatic lashes. Other times I want lashes that look like mine, just a little better. I can do either with this.

It's a gel-mousse mascara that's very light and coats lashes with no build up. The brush has convexed bristles so the tip of the brush can grab even your smallest lashes and coat them with product, while the larger bristles in the middle take care of your longest lashes.

What makes this mascara so good is the wand. It's hinged, so it has a bit of give when brushing it on, moving with you and your lashes, coating them with as much product as they can take, but without overpowering them and shellacing it on. It really makes a world of difference, and it's what has made me re-buy this mascara every time I use it up.

Finally (PHEW) I like to set the makeup with a setting spray, especially if I'm gonna be wearing makeup for an extended period of time. I don't always double up on powder and spray, but WHEN I DO, and when I do a full drugstore face, I use L'Oreal's Infallable Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray.

You put all that work into your makeup, you might as well be sure you lock it down.

Boy, was that a journey. And there you have it. That is my current drugstore makeup regime. Do we use any of the same products? What are some of your favorites? Compare and contrast with me in the comments!

Tynan is tweeting from the drugstore @TynanBuck.