DRUGSTORE AWARDS: The New Revlon Collection Is My Effing Jumpoff! I’m dying!

Shimmer for grownups, the perfect matte grey nail polish, and my new favorite non-expensive foundation. Read on!

OMIGOD, you guys. I LOVE everything new from Revlon, and no, they don’t even advertise on this site so shut your accusatory and gorgeous little mouths. RARELY am I so inspired by drugstore, truth be told, but so excited am I by this new stuff that I just had to write an entire post about it. Usually I try to put a few different brands in my posts, but whatever. I’M the beauty DIRECTOR. I DIRECT myself. To do WHATEVER I want.


My first favorite product in the new line are these shimmery, subtle gorgeous shadows, which you can totally wear all over yourself without looking like a disgusting female gymnast or an unfortunate figure skating star or something:

They are called Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadows, and I basically am obsessed with them. I’m wearing them in the photo above (my ENTIRE face is by Revlon, natch) and my favorite favorite shade is Starry Pink. Duh, it’s the pink one. I smeared it on with my fingers, obviously -- I am no Hannah Johnson, what can I say -- and it made my eyes super-twinkly but not tacky…

Sort of red carpet-ready. I know, I know, I just threw up in my own mouth at that phrase too, but what can I say? It’s true.

There is also a black one for night -- Night Sky -- and it’s beautttiful. Like how I imagine the night sky, and I have to imagine it like that because I’ve never lived in a single place my whole life that had any goddamn stars. Like most of the products in this post, it's not available online yet, so watch the drugstore for this one.

The NEXT product that I am obsessed with is Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Cream Makeup:

As someone who continuously attempts to defy age -- primarily by lying about my own (oh, so WHAT) -- I am in LOVVVE with this stuff. It’s super creamy and covers so beautifully, like it’s way more expensive than it actually is. It gives you that whole seamless, put-together effect, which is an incredible feat for me because I am surely anything but. You won't catch me writing about a whole lot of drugstore foundations on here -- generally I find them sub-par -- but this one is awesome. NEXT.

The THIRD product that I’m allll about is their new mascara, which has an extra large brush and is super-gangster:

It’s called Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Lashes Mascara, and the formula is super-inky and lengthening and thickening all at once, without any clumping even through I load it on like an effing drag queen, and it does other things too, like condition your lashes or whatever, and that’s a fact. It makes them strong! So they can grow. I read that on the website.

I am also way into two of the new nail polishes. Starry Pink matches the Starry Pink eyeshadow! Accordingly, it is not available online yet either. It is ultra-sheer and lavender-ish and twinkly and the very definition of lovely, and while it would look very excellent on a fantastically chic baby like Suri Cruise or Coco Cox-Arquette or something, it would also look painfully good on you:

The other one is a light matte gray that I am obsessing over! Yes, I over-use the word obsess (YOU try being a beauty writer, okay? It’s strangely hard!) and YES, gray polishes aren’t exactly breaking news, trend-wise, but I haven’t really found one that I like enough to write about until now, so BUY THIS ONE (even though it's not available online yet):

That is all.

Finally, the product I am liking a whole lot (weak, but I’m trying not to use “obsessed with” again) is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Buffest Beige. The shade is so new that it's not even on the website. It’s not what I’m wearing in the photo, but whatever; I discovered it too late into writing this. Here it is, look:

It looks like a vaguely shimmery nude nothing in the tube and you’re all, Meh, I don’t really need that – but oh, you do! It’s like the perfect gloss to wear with loads of black eyeliner that sort of minimizes the MOUTH effect while yet making your lips look bigger and more gorgeous, somehow. Isn’t makeup weird? Oh, and weirder still, it awesomely goes on wet and dries ... dry. SCIENCE! Behold.

Anyway, those are my drugstore must-haves of the day. I’m also obsessing over a new undereye concealer by a different brand -- so stay tuned for that later in the week, please…xo