Drugstore Addiction: Short Hair Products Edition!

I’m cutting my hair shorter and shorter with each “trim” appointment, but I’m not taking the pixie plunge.

So, I’m having a long, continuing fit about what to do with my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the short hair life. I feel grown up and 80s power bob sexy. In fact, I think I’m working up the courage to go even shorter. That said, my hair can also look like a manhandled puffball in a very unsexy way, especially after I fall asleep with it wet, or if it’s particularly humid outside.

And bobblehead chic or Morrissey-tousled aren't always the looks I’m going for, believe it or not.

I’m going for fresh-out-of-the-salon sass and class, ya dig?

Luckily, I’ve found some products that help me get back to the salon level of gorgeous. And the best part about it? They’re cheap-o, of course. Don’t you know how I roll by now?

PRODUCT ONE: Every Strand Keratin Hair Treatment

I totally side-eyed this product when I saw it at Ricky’s. I was not mentally or emotionally ready to believe that a keratin treatment was successfully: A. bottled, and B. selling for five dollars. I mean, talk about janky.

Turns out it’s not a Keratin treatment at all, but a hair masque masking as such (hah! My puns have been Bradshaw-level obnoxious recently and I love it).

I left it on for five minutes in the shower, as one should do with most conditioner masques, and my hair dried nearly straight and baby soft. Each wave was coated in much needed hydration, which weighed down my frizz immensely.

For five bucks, color me impressed.


If you have considerable amounts of money to spend on getting healthy, damage-free hair, I suggest using Fekkai products, which are available at most beauty stores.

Some of their stuff gets to be quite expensive, but their shea butter hair mask works wonders for 30 bucks. I’m talking long-lasting, silky smooth results, friends, which is important because I care about you and your hair and I want you both to be happy.


PRODUCT THREE: Boy Product Alert! American Crew

So after I get my hair all milky soft, I want it to look amazing. More recently, I’ve been pining to get the Tilda look. Tilda Swinton, obviously.

So I’ve opted to use men’s hair styling products because, WHY NOT. They work, they smell nice, and they don’t break the bank. Plus, with all the undercut, Civil War chic revival that’s happening in hipster America, you know boy hair product companies are making shit that works.

American Crew, though it is the self-proclaimed “Official Supplier to Men” (that’s sexist, bro) works amazingly.

Their Molding Clay really gets the textured, Tilda Swinton hold that I so desire. It also washes right out with water and shampoo, which I found out isn’t always the case with men’s hair products. For example, that Don Draper sludge probably requires dish soap and a chisel to get out.

Plus, American Crew is all natural, too, with all their essential oils and beeswax extracts and whatnot.

What short hair products are you all using lately? Would you trust a five dollar “Keratin Treatment”? Tell me about your hair, which is obviously full of secrets.