DRUGSTORE ADDICTION PART 3.5: I Keep Shopping Because Finding My Happy Place is Taking Too Long

I’ve decided to ignore the mounting chaos in my messy apartment and adopt a mode of deep serenity. At least in regard to my makeup and wardrobe choices. Let's shop until we reach our happy place, people!
Publish date:
October 18, 2012
exfoliating, glitter, things that make me happy, pink lips, facial scrub

I have been the crankiest little bitch lately. I don’t know whether it’s the mid-semester grad school workload or the fact that I’m still hemorrhaging with no end in sight, but something in me has gone all Mean Girl and I don’t like it.

You’ve all been there though, right? That state of constant irritability? Those “EVERYTHING SUCKS AND IT WILL ALWAYS SUCK” days where you wear a robe with alarming frequency and OD on YouTube kitten videos? Snarling -- yes, snarling -- when your sweet, concerned significant other comes in to tell you “enough with the cat videos already,” and you’re all, “IF YOU LOVED ME YOU’D BUY ME THIS RAGDOLL CAT,” and then things progressively spin out of control.

HAHA, just kidding. That actually didn’t happen. But I can foresee it happening unless I find my happy place. Fast.

Which is why I’ve decided to ignore the mounting chaos in my messy apartment and adopt a mode of deep serenity. At least in regard to my makeup and wardrobe choices.

So what has been my first step toward erasing all my inner turmoil? Fruity face scrub with “Yumberry” (what in the actual hell is that?) that promises to snap me out of my crotchety morning grumpiness.

Yes, this “Morning Burst” Clean & Clear scrub has lifted my spirits. I’m not sure it manages to wake me up more than my morning coffee-chugging sessions, but it smells so delicious. I considered tasting it for a second, but then I remembered I’m slightly unhinged right now and that would be disgusting. But, man, does it exfoliate! My skin feels fresh and baby soft after two washes, which is something I desperately need in addition to my incessant moisturizing. The last thing I need is more lotion slathered over flakes of dead skin, you know?

I’ve also been migrating towards all things ethereal, stylistically speaking. I know it’s way early to go all mythical Ice Queen beauty on you, but I have been craving some serene, flow-y white garb and frosted makeup. I’ve been wearing this long, sheer, vintage Victoria’s Secret lingerie robe that I wanted to use if I ever got all Stevie Nicks for xoJane -- but I’ve concluded that Stevie’s beauty and essence cannot be replicated. She’s too amazing. Michelle Tea understands.

Anyway, this is literally how I’ve been dressing all week.

Plus some ultra-frosted pink lips.

No heavy smoky eye, no globs of mascara. Hell, I’ve even held back on my eyebrow tinting. I’ve just stuck to my ever-present cat-eye (should I get it permanently tattooed at this point? I should) and Cover Girl’s “Verve” lipstick.

It’s so delightfully retro and pretty! It does need to get reapplied a lot (as with most shimmery lipsticks), but it goes on flawless. I liked the delicate, glittery face accoutrement so much that I mimicked the style on my nails with the perfect, white glitter nail polish from Sally Hansen.

I mean, it’s three dollars so you’re basically losing money by not buying it! Well, you’re losing something.

Would you guys rock ultra-light, frosted lipstick? Is it too 90s beauty queen? Do you get weird and bitchy when you’re going through a rough patch? Can you make me feel better about my grumpy antics by relaying some of your own? I’m infinitely more interested in what you all have to say.