DRINKING AT THE OFFICE: Do We Like "Vodka for Women?"

I played allergy roulette and tried this new alcoholic beverage especially for ladies. Here's what happened!
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March 29, 2012
drinking at the office, little black dress, vodka

Little Black Dress

is the


of vodka, "designed for women by women." While there's something about alcohol marketed to ladies that reduces even really awesome drinks to maxi pad status, I was still totally intrigued when I heard about this stuff. Plus, I've narrowed my alcohol allergy down to wine products so vodka is still safe.

Before our editorial meeting today, I sent out an email letting everyone know that I had a fun surprise, as I am wont to do.

Emily has a fair excuse, but for some reason no one else really wanted to try my new drink. I offered some Little Black Dress to Jane, who said she was worried about getting too drunk for yoga and declined. She


guess the brand's slogan though. It was incredible.

Finally Madeline agreed to participate in the tasting after I bribed her with a Cadbury Egg. Here's what happened:

What do you think of alcohol "for women?" Do you buy it? Does it appeal to you? And for dude readers, would you ever drink something "for her" or are you afraid of growing a vagina.? Tell me!

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