Get Drew Barrymore's "I'll Kill Your Mom To Have Sex With Your Dad" Hair from 'Poison Ivy'

Personality disorder girls always have the best "seduction" hair, right? Here's how to get it in 6 easy steps.
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April 19, 2011
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YO. If you're a fan of trashy glamour, crazy bitches and killer ho outfits, you need to Netflix 1992's "Poison Ivy"now. Even if you saw it back in the day, it's so worth revisiting: I mean, Drew Barrymore as a champagne-swigging Los Angeles private school scholarship slut who infiltrates her rich classmate's family only to seduce and/or destroy everyone in it? 'Nuff said!

Also obsession-worthy are Drew/Ivy's fantastic hair moments: kinky waves, a French twist -- which she sexily loosens, of course, when aroused; I'm obsessed with this "drunk-dancing in the dark" scene -- or, my favorite, the "psychotic hairsprayed sexpot with voluminous dark roots and a deep-dish sidepart" style above. Yup, with that hair she looks like a girl who'd jerk off your dad with a big blob of drugstore mousse during your birthday party, and that's exactly what we're going for.

Enter our guest star hair expert du jour! "This look is super sexy and fierce," says Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger Downtown (which is one of the most glamorous, ridiculously chic salons in New York, FYI)."It's perfect for partying or a night out."

Or for pushing a bitch off a balcony. So versatile!

HOTNESS TUTORIAL: Special "Borderline Personality Blowout" Edition

EXPERT: Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger Downtown

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Easy. Like a hot teen slut!

HOW LONG IT SHOULD TAKE: Post shower, 20 minutes tops (and that's if you have a lot of hair).

1. "A great volumizing product is key and prepping hair when wet is ideal. Use a volumizing shampoo of any kind [try this one by Suave -- Cat] or an extra cleansing shampoo to make your hair squeaky clean. Skip conditioner because you want extra volume.

2. "Apply a volumizing product from roots to ends. I recommend Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ample Angora Volumizing Light Foam.

3. "Flip your head over and completely rough-dry your hair upside down. My favorite dryer is Solano’s Supersolano 3500 Lite."

4. "Once your hair is 90 percent dry, flip your head back over and start blowing your hairline away from your face. This will give you a really cool, tousled effect. The key is to really blast your hairwith the dryer; don’t worry about making it ‘neat’ -- you want it to look cool and undone!"5. "Use a flat brush to gently smooth ends and any unruly pieces. I love the classic Mason Pearson brush. Blowing your hair dry before combing it out will give you crazy, effortless texture."6. "Finish with a volumizing hairspray such as Sally Hershberger MajorBodyVolumizing Boost." The End! Easy, no? Thank you, Matt!