That 60's Look: A Super-Easy Guide To Polished, Mod Make-Up

Get the mod make-up look that's more "Alfie" than "Austin Powers".
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October 5, 2011
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The 1960s are my favourite decade. Ten years of amazing fashion, design, music and movies that are still inspiring people to this day, and that was more than apparent on the F/W '11 runways, and later, in the September issues that hit newsstands late this Summer.

One that stood out to me in particular was in September's US Vogue, titled "My Generation." It was a Grace Coddington-styled shoot starring Natalia Vodianova and the super-dreamy Sam Riley. You can check it out right here. Basically, the editorial proclaims that mod is IN for Fall. As someone who tends to dress with a vintage tinge this isn't really anything new to me, but I do dig the looks they're featuring.

This isn't the Twiggy version of mod, this is more the birth of mod. A Quadrophenia kind of vibe. It's polished but still dramatic. And seeing as it's suddenly "on trend," I decided to share a little tutorial on how to get the look.


To get that Shrimpton-esque height, I backcombed the crown and sides of my hair with a natural bristle brush. I know most people used combs to tease their hair, but I find the boar-bristle brushes get great volume and help to smooth hair out afterward without completely smushing it. This Teasing Brush from Marilyn ($12, will do the trick nicely.

For the flippy ends I used my ceramic straightening iron to smooth out my hair and then wrapped the ends around it to give them curl. Finishing with a coat (or two, or six) of hairspray made sure that my vintage helmet hair stayed in place. My all-time favourite for strong hold is got2b's Glued Blasting Freeze Spray ($5.99,, which has held many of my updos and beehives in place for hours on end.


1960s make-up is heavy on the eyes, with dramatic, defined shadow and doll-like lashes. I wanted to do a false eyelash set for this look, but I guess my bottle of lash glue was off. It wouldn't get tacky and a giant glob got stuck to my eyeball, resulting in a weird allergic reaction that turned the whites of my eyes red. So after a few doses of eye drops and a few hours of waiting for my eyeballs to return to their normal state, I decided to ditch the lashes and focus on shadow and liner instead.

To create this look, I used products entirely found in Urban Decay's new Book of Shadows IV. It's a palette with 16 awesome shadows, their waterproof liquid liner, a curling mascara, eye primer and a cool card with QR codes to teach yourself different looks. Plus it has a little keychain speaker than can pump out the lessons from the QR codes or, if you're like me, hook into your iPod for an on-the-go mini sound system. It's a pretty great kit you're getting for just $64 (at Sephora stores, and If I were you, I'd add it to my holiday wishlist.

To get the look, I used a pale cream shade with a bit of shimmer to it called Zephyr, a mid-tone bronzey brown shimmer called Lost, and a darker brown with gold fleck called Cobra. Basically if you get yourself a pale shimmer, a mid-tone, and a dark shade, you can recreate this look.

1. First I coated lids with primer and then applied the pale shade (Zephyr) all over my eyelid and up to the brows using a large, flat bristled brush.

2. Then I used a mid-sized fluffy shadow brush to apply the mid-tone brown shade (Lost) into the crease, the outer corners of my eyelid and upwards on the outside in a winged shape.

3. Using my smallest shadow brush I applied the darkest shade (Cobra) into the crease and along the upper and lower lashline for the most definition. Before applying liner I again applied the palest shade to the browbone and inner corners of my eyelids for more highlight.

4. Using the liquid liner (which I love! [It has the most precise brush I've ever encountered so you can get perfectly exact cat-eye of your dreams]), I drew a very slight wing on the upper lashline and also added a bit of definition at the outermost corner of my lower lashline for a very defined, clean & mod look. I finished with the curling mascara in two coats to really open up the eyes.


For lips I didn't want to go with anything too chalky. I find that unless you apply lip balm religiously, matte lipsticks are going to make your mouth look flaky and horrid. So I applied just a teensy bit of MAC's Tinted Lipglass in Good Times ($14.50,, which is a pale lilac-y colour. It has that bit of moisturization that comes with a gloss but the paleness of a 60s lipstick (and it smells nice).

And there you have it! Pretty easy stuff. So, are you a fan of the 60s vibe or do you lean more towards the 40s look (also big for Fall)? Or maybe you just want to live like it's 2011. Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and if you ever have tutorial requests or just wanna yell at me, find me on the Twitta: @hannahejo. I talk about TV a lot.