Dr. Frederic Brandt is now on Sirius Radio and you can call in and be all self-obsessed and interrogate him about all your skin issues! YES.
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September 23, 2011
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Let me tell you a few things about Dr. Fred Brandt: Basically every major league beauty director I’ve ever worked for is obsessed with him, and they all look amazing. Not overdone: You’d never know that they were getting a few things here and there, although they’d be happy to tell you. People who work in magazines aren’t ashamed of getting injections. We live for them! It's the only way.

Dr. Brandt has a wildly glamorous office in Midtown Manhattan over by the East River. There are photos of scantily clad and gorgeous men on the walls, and every time I’ve ever been I’ve seen someone notable: that famously perky morning co-host, for example, or the editor-in-chief of a big, beauty-centric fashion magazine (yes, that one), stumbling from one room to the other clutching a Birkin bag, white numbing cream all over her face.

Then there's his Miami location -- check out the reception area!

Dr. Brandt’s offices: They are beyond.

I’ve gone there for fantastic acne laser treatments over the years, and they never failed to do wonders for my skin. Jane also had an amazing couple of treatments there, if I recall – Jane?

[I can't even think of calling him Dr. Brandt, because to me, he is Fred, that well-but-oddly-dressed cool guy who sings while he is doing your (MY!) laser treatment. I know him through my friend, Kyle White. Anyway, he rules. --Jane]

Dr. Brandt also makes fantastic beauty products, like his famous Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Face Cream, which is a scrub made of tiny crystals. If you own only one exfoliant, it should be this one:

Believe me. But don’t overuse it, because it’s seriously, seriously glowifying stuff. (I’m also a big fan of his water-boosting drops: I wrote about them a few months ago, if you recall, in this award-winning article "Does Anyone Else Gag Down Water?".)

Dr. Brandt himself is the best part, however, of going into Dr. Brandt’s office. Dude is AWESOME! And I mean high-concept awesome: He’s equal parts medical prodigy and Andy Warhol and glamorous flown-around-the-world rock star. A total personality. Which is half of why all of his celebrity clients are so obsessed with him -- that, and the fact that he’s an O.G. Original gangsta! Dermatologically speaking.

Anyway, the big news is that Dr. Brandt has a limited-run (through October 15th) Sirius XM radio show that you can call into now and ask all your burning skin-related questions! This is huge and awesome news, and everyone should jump at the chance. I mean, I’m spoiled and have never paid for a Dr. Brandt appointment, but I imagine that they’re like four jillion dollars. And now you can talk to him for free! DO IT. Call in! You’re a fool not to.

The details: “Ask Dr. Brandt” will air Saturdays from 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET through October 8 on SiriusXM Stars, channel 107. He’ll take calls from around the country (888-410-2102) on every show, helping listeners look and feel their best. Topics will include summer skin damage, the truth about Botox, fillers, injectables, laser treatments, home vs. office procedures and more! Hotness. [He was a guest on my show, Jane Radio on the same channel, last week, and he got calls up the wazoo(sp?) but really took the time to help each and every person with a skin issue. Again, he rules. --Jane]

SO: what would your question for Dr. B be? Maybe when his show is over we’ll make him an contributor; ha ha. No, but really.