I'M GLOWING MORE THAN EVER! And You Can Be Too, With These Products For Day And Night

I appreciate any product that gives me an excuse to stare at myself in the mirror for even longer than usual.
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October 8, 2013
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Are you guys in the mood for another article about how flawless and perfect my skin is? Oh good, because I’m in the mood to tell you.

Just kidding. God, I am so sick of myself. But what I’m not sick of is the duo of new products I’ve been using that have really made a noticeable difference in my skin. We could all use a bit of improvement in our skin, no? Or maybe you like yourself just the way you are, but I haven't figured out quite how to do that yet so here we go.

Okay, so what I’ve been using is the "Glow by Dr. Brandt” line, specifically the Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracréme and Overnight Resurfacing Serum.

You already know that I am a sucker for anything that promises a glow, and I love the color pink. So when I first discovered the Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracréme, which comes in a sexy pink bottle, I knew that my life would not be complete until it was sitting on my bathroom sink among the thousand other products that I, at one time, could not live without.

This is one of those good products. I knew that if I was going to use it, I actually had to use it, instead of just basking in my usual, materialistic satisfaction of simply owning it. And after all, I’ve been going on and on about how I’m trying to take a more responsible and adult approach to my skincare.

The Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracréme is inspired by Dr. Brandt’s in-office ruby laser procedure. The moisturizer is formulated with illuminators (!), optical diffusers, and micronized ruby crystals that work together to boost your skin’s ability to reflect light. In doing so, it's supposed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, the texture and tone of your skin is improved (like, actually), and your skin is hydrated. When all of these benefits work together, skin looks noticeably brighter.

I put it on right after I pop out of the shower and then get on with my day. The applicator only dispenses a tiny bit of moisturizer, maybe a drop about the size of a dime, but it’s all I need! And I have a big face. A little bit goes a long way with this, which isn’t really a benefit of the product especially, but something I look for in skincare because running out of product scares me to death, so if my products could last forever, that would be great. (Plus, this stuff isn't cheap.)

So that’s part of my morning routine. At night, I use the Overnight Resurfacing Serum.

The serum is formulated with both short and long-term time-released retinol complex to increase cell turnover while you sleep. This, too, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, prevents against dryness, and improves texture and tone.

Do you get what I mean here? It increases cell turnover so you have newer and fresher skin faster than normal. This not only helps improve the skin you have, but it helps you generate better skin! It's like the X-Men of beauty or something.

When I started using these products, I kind of thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be a bummer if these like, didn’t work?” Oh, T of little faith.

Lucky for me, and you, and Dr. Brandt’s publicists, it really does achieve everything it promises. I made sure of it. I’ve been using it for two skin cycles to see if I could really see a difference, because I didn’t want to jump the gun on this article. And I can!

Especially within the last week or two, I’ve been surprised and how the surface of my skin looks smoother, more even, my pores look smaller, and my skin just looks healthier all around. And THAT makes me want to keep using the products, instead of just getting bored of them and leaving them behind like the rest of my skincare products and also my past boyfriends.

I find that when my skin is at its healthiest, it has better color all around, I suppose that’s due to less dullness and increased brightness, and my skin looks killer right now. I appreciate any product that gives me an excuse to stare at myself in the mirror for even longer than usual.

My only caution with the Glow line, and they tell you this on the bottle, is to make sure you’re wearing sunscreen if you’re wearing this stuff while having prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunlight and retinol don’t get along very well, and can lead to discoloration over the long term, which pretty much defeats the purpose of using this line in the first place. But you’re all already using sunscreen on the daily, RIGHT?

The Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracréme is $65 for a 1.7oz and the Overnight Resurfacing Serum is $85 for a 1.7oz, and available both online and at the reason your checking account is currently in the red, Sephora.

Are you using and Dr. Brandt products? If so, which ones? What products do you use to get a little glow?

Tynan is glowing nonstop on Twitter: @TynanBuck.