Women of Color: Your Online Beauty Shopping Site Has Arrived

Run, don’t walk to this destination. Well, type your way there -- you know what I mean.
Publish date:
December 4, 2013
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If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with drugstore beauty aisles and their one-size-fits-all cosmetics, help is here. And if you’ve been similarly underwhelmed by the lone ethnic aisle in said drugstore, you’re also in luck. The newly launched beauty e-tail site, Doobop.com, curates products from all over the world that are specifically engineered for us darker-skinned, curlier-locked ladies.

Doobop seeks to carve out a space on the Internet for multicultural women who are obsessed with beauty (hair, nail, body and face), but pressed for time. I personally hate shopping for makeup in stores -- I always feel like an indecisive novice in a sea of beauty experts who are bee-lining towards their favorite foundation and applying blush samples like professionals. Who needs that? Then, when I try to find a sales rep for assistance, she’s almost always helping 17 other customers, at which point I give up on the mission and find a wine bar instead.

The site was founded by two industry veterans -- Jodie Patterson, who owns a line of natural products called Georgia by Jodie Patterson, and Benjamin Burnett, a Kiehl’s and Giorgio Armani Beauty alum. When he would travel overseas, Burnett noticed that global companies were creating beauty products tailored to women of color that were much better than U.S. brands. Doobop brings those brands stateside, widening the range of products from which American women of color are able to choose.

Here are a couple of items that I’m excited to try:

32-year-old Hapsatou Sy is one of the most successful black entrepreneurs in France, made rich by her eponymous line of beauty products. My kinky hair is prone to dryness, so I am always in the market for a new conditioning mask. This one has shea butter, vitamin B5 and olive oil in it, which sounds like a recipe for lush, hydrated curls.

Hapsatou Sy also makes a line of nail polishes, Ethnicia, tailored to look great on deeper skin tones. This electric blue shade is calling my name.

If Rihanna’s doobie at the American Music Awards made you want to spruce up your own wrap, try this styling cream, which is great for setting your hair before bedtime (or a formal night out in Rih’s case).

French brand Nuhanciam creates products, like this plant-based cleanser, that are specially formatted to help even skin tone and correct pigmentation spots for women with medium to dark complexions. The brand’s co-founder, Muriel Berradia, is an Indian beauty executive who developed the line when she couldn’t find high-end products that worked well on her skin tone.

I’ll be honest, foundation scares me. But since this comes in stick form, it’s a lot less intimidating. Plus, Iman, queen of the world, developed it through her cosmetics line for multicultural women, which means it’s more likely to make me look like a golden goddess than give me pancake batter face.

Doobop, I am forever thankful!

What do you guys think of Doobop.com? What are your favorite products for non-white skin?