Here's How That New Spray-On Nail Polish Really Works

I'll be honest, I didn't think there was any way this could possibly work.
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March 28, 2016
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There are some products that I end up road testing just because I'm so skeptical about whether or not they'll actually work. They can't exist out there in the wild, making all these crazy claims, without me being able to confirm or refute them. I didn't even want to test out spray-on nail polish. I'm good with regular polish! But I knew it was inevitable.

People are always looking for ways to make nail polish easier. I get it! Painting your nails can be a chore, and even if you get it right, there's the issue of how long it's going to last without chipping. We resort to at-home gel nail kits (which, if you're not good at regular polish, do NOT try to give yourself a gel manicure,) nail decals, and press-ons, gel-like top coats, and so on.

And now, we have spray-on nail polish.

Why? Why even? I was trying to figure out why, in theory, spray-on nail polish would be preferred to regular nail polish, if it promises the same wear and all. My only guess would be the time saved during application? And even that, I don't know. Even if you're not an expert, ~like moi~, I never thought the problem was in how long it took to apply the polish, more so, in the cleanliness of the manicure and resulting wear. Get what I mean?

I'll be honest, I didn't think there was any way this could possibly work. Or, work well, rather, and look great. One of my, like, three talents in life is pulling of a salon-fresh manicure at home, and I didn't want that compromised. On the other hand, one of my biggest pet peeves is a messy manicure on myself, polish welled up on the cuticles, messy edges, all of that. What's the point of using a new product, even if it's easier, if it's not going to look as good?

SoOoOo when it showed up this week, I was as eager as I was apprehensive to try it. Here's how it worked.

The shade they sent me was Mayfair Lane.

There's this big, beautiful fold-out instruction manual that Nails Inc. did not send me, presumably because they knew I wouldn't read it, so I sort of just had to go it alone. "HOW HARD CAN IT BE?" I thought to myself, which always end up being famous last words...

Turns the fuck out, it's as easy as they lead you to believe. All you do is apply the topcoat, sold separately but for only eight dollars so hooray, and then spray away.

I was going to do this on video but you all know how I feel about videos :(.

Welcome to my nightmare.

Apply the top coat and wait for it to dry, which happens quickly, praise God. Then wash your hands.

I was SUPER nervous about this because, have you ever washed your hands or showered right after you've done your nails? It's a death sentence. You're almost guaranteed to dent, pull, or tear your fresh polish. I always make sure I'm showered and my shoes are on before I paint my nails, because you just know those things are going to damage your fresh set. I swear to God the only time I have to adjust my ballsack is when my nails are wet.

So anyway, go wash your hands.

I was shocked to find out works...

Not only does the polish come off of your fingers and NOT your nails, the polish itself doesn't well up around the cuticles or sink into the crevice where your nail dips and meets your finger. I was shocked at how nearly perfect the manicure came out.

It's not perfect, but it's really good, better than my nails looked when I first started doing them on my own. I did one coat of polish on my right hand, two on my left (reversed above,) because I wasn't actually sure if you were supposed to do more than one coat. Turns out, you can and you should. The nails on my right hand are a little streaky because of this, but I guess I answered my own question and now I know. Also, my nails are long as hell and beat to shit, but I like to keep them long if I'm going to be shooting them. They're so long that it's making it hard to type this. This must be how it feels to be Rihanna.

I showered a couple of hours later and they looked even better after that. No matter how good you are with polish, a hot shower will make everything look better.

So, my verdict? Yeah, this product does exactly what it says, and it really is as simple it seems, and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're not great with polish.

Some lil deets to keep in mind:

The polish is a different consistency that polish out of a bottle, and it's not self-leveling like some, so it's important to make sure you spray even coats. Keep the bottle about eight to ten inches away from your nails when you spray. That feels like a lot when you're doing it, but if you're any closer, the force from the blast of the aerosol can will end up pushing the polish around, making it uneven. The polish dries quickly, which is fantastic, but it's also the main reason why you need to try to get it right the first time.

As I said, the spray polish is a little different than normal, it's thinner and dries to an almost eggshell finish before the top coat. The top coat that comes with it adds shine, but you can still tell that the texture is different, so if you want high gloss, you might add another coat of your favorite top coat at the end.

Also, because of different formula, any imperfections on your nails are going to be more apparent. Mine are more beat than usual, and you can tell, due to the the thinner, demi-matte finish, paired with the lighter color. So make your everything clean, shaped, and even before you get to spraying.

Speaking of top coats, the one from Nails Inc. does exactly what it promises when you're washing the polish off, but like the polish itself, it's a little on the thin side. I'd top it off with another layer of Seche Vite or your favorite long-lasting top coat to extend the wear of your manicure. There's no sense in achieving this quick fast manicure if it's going to chip off soon.

But seriously, all in all? This product is a gem.

What's on your nails right now! Show me in the comments! Tynan is spraying polish on Twitter @TynanBuck.