Do You Think You're "Not A Pink Person"? You Might Be Surprised...

Things to do in New Orleans when you're in a po' boy coma? Paint your nails, stagger along Bourbon Street, and try not to get beaned in the head by drunks throwing strands of beads.
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September 25, 2012
nails, Revlon, New Orleans

You're looking at a hand that does not belong to me. This hand is attached to a girl called Jess, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I did, however, take the photo. How did this miracle occur?! Jess and I meet up once a year for a major estrogen-fest, and this year we decided to descend on New Orleans. (It's my first time here, and I'm in love!)

I met Jess in 2007, and we became fast friends. Her style is completely different from mine. For example, right now she is lying on the bed opposite me rocking a blue floral dress, cowboy boots and a killer smokey eye. (I am wearing a dress from Trashy Diva.) But life is all about taking chances and sartorial risks, especially when you're on holiday. So of course, I cornered her last night and forced her to try something new on her nails.

Jess is wearing Extravagant by Revlon, with a couple of coats of Revlon Scandalous on her ring finger. Aptly named for New Orleans, no? But yes, the pink and purple combination was my influence. I know she didn't flash anyone, so I'd like to think that, secretly, her manicure was the reason she was accosted by so many beads!

Revlon has a fabulous new Facebook app called "Expression Experiment," the concept of which is to encourage women to get out of their respective comfort zones and try something different. We're going to be playing with it late tonight when we're too exhausted to move, yay! I'd love to see your pictures on there too.

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