Do You Have A "Big Girl" Skincare Routine Like Anna Kendrick's?

There comes a point when you realize it's time to stop effing around and upgrade your skincare situation.
Publish date:
April 7, 2014
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Since I no longer use the term girl crush, I'll just say that Anna Kendrick is so cute and hilarious and because of her Twitter feed alone, she is near the top of my Celebrities I Would Want To Have A Four-Hour Brunch With list. Besides being incredibly talented, she always comes off as genuine and truly in touch with the real world, not like she’s pretending to know how us mere non-famous mortals live.

Anna hosted SNL over the weekend but unfortunately, I was so tired from the going away party that I went to earlier (those three STRONG gin cocktails I had did me in) that by the time I got home and remembered that she was hosting, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't support my girl! I'm a really wack make-believe friend. Anyway, she managed to soldier on without me and by all accounts she killed it.

Yesterday I was checking out recaps of Anna's SNL episode online and that led me to a cute interview with her about beauty stuff. When asked about her skin care routine, in typical self-deprecating Anna fashion, she said, "I've been trying to get into big girl products lately."

Big girl products; big girl skincare. I totally get that. It's the stuff you switch to (maybe in your late 20s or early 30s) when you start thinking that maybe it wouldn't hurt to start using eye cream on the regular. Not necessarily one of those high-tech expensive ones with a futuristic sounding name, but something. It's that time in your life when the voice in your head says that maybe instead of just grabbing whatever face wash is on sale at Target, you should give your cleanser a teensy bit more thought. Same with your moisturizer. And your SPF. You get the idea.

I've admitted to you that I rely on face wipes a little more (alright, WAY more) than I should, but I'm definitely at a point where I know I need to change the slacker ways that I've been getting away with for far too long. I'm grateful that I inherited good skin (thanks, momma!), but eventually my black will crack and it will crack sooner if I don't start using the excellent products that I have at my disposal.

When I'm not being lazy (mornings and weekends), I've got a pretty good system going. I'm currently using:

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ($10.99): I know, BIG SNORE. You can't get five minutes into a conversation with a derm about basic skincare before they start shouting from the rooftops about this cleanser. But after years of ignoring it, I finally tried the version for normal to oily skin and I never looked back. Unlike the classic lotion-y formula, this one lathers up a but you don't get that uncomfortable tight feeling after. I also use it on Ibra when I'm giving him a scrub down with his Clarisonic brush. He has no complaints.

Eve Lom Day Cream ($60) and Eve Lom Eye Cream ($75): This is one of those brands that I always heard other beauty editors rave about, but only really got into myself last year. Of course, I promply had an "OH, I GET IT NOW!" moment. It's rare that I finish a whole jar of something, but I'm actually scraping the bottom of my moisturizer. The texture is somehow both lightweight and rich, but it doesn't leave me looking like I rubbed baby oil all over my face by midday. The eye cream is good, too. I can't say I notice a major difference in my dark circles on tired days, but it does tackle puffiness pretty well.

La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum ($290): I can already hear your howls of disapproval over the price of this. Yes, it is obscene and yes, I scored one for free so let's just get that out of the way. I let my bottle chill in my medicine cabinet for weeks before I actually really started using it. A conversation with Lori, Jane's assistant, was my inspiration. She and I were comparing our faint yet definitely visible neck rings and we both vowed to start giving our skin-below-the-chin more attention. I rememered that I had this serum and I've been doing my darndest to slather it on at least once a day. Anything La Mer qualifies as big girl status and guess what -- Anna uses it, too! See, we were meant to be besties.

Mind if I pry into your bathroom for a minute? What do you have going on skincare wise? Would you say you have a big girl routine or are you still messing with the same products you've known FOREVAH?