Do Sweat The Technique: Here's The Proper Way to Apply Powder Foundation

Think you're an expert at applying powder foundation? Nah -- think again.
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August 16, 2012
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MAC Studio Fix Powder + Sigma F20 Large Powder Foundation Brush = near perfect-looking skin.

I spend hours on end chatting with beauty experts and makeup artists; often the information is tweaked and regurgitated (over and over again), but there are a few standout occasions when I learn something totally new -- and of course I have to share it with all of you.

Case in point: I was hanging out on an editorial photo shoot set a few weeks ago chatting with the makeup artist, and not-surprisingly the conversation drifted to my preferred foundation formula. I informed him that I'm a full-blown fan of creams and liquids, simply because in my opinion it mimics the look of real skin better.

He countered and explained to me that powder may look even more seamless if I were actually applying it correctly. After a bit of back and forth, I realized that I totally wasn't, so he fed me the magnificent makeup morsel below that I hope will be extremely useful to those of you who are loyal to powder.

Bonus: If you have acneic skin, be sure to pay close attention, as I suspect you'll certainly appreciate this technique tidbit, too.

Step 1: Grab your compact and a large powder brush. Holding the brush horizontally, gently work the sides of the bristles into the powder with short, swift, back-and-forth strokes. (If you're having trouble visualizing this, envision yourself erasing the word "apple" off of a piece of paper.)

Step 2: Repeatedly press the powder/brush bristles onto your face with a slight rolling motion to evenly deposit it onto your skin. It's an easy, non-messy way to even out roughly textured areas, like patches of pimples and dark blemishes. This way the powder foundation builds to your desired level of coverage without it looking caked on and flaky.

Step 3: Follow with a light dusting of powder in your regular manner, and set with translucent powder to finish.

Annnnnnnnnd you're welcome.

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