DO THIS DON'T: Sleep With Your Makeup On

I’m not into this glorification of bare-faced beauty and makeup shame.
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October 25, 2011
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So last night my model-faced friend told me that she reapplies her makeup to Skype with her new boyfriend at night -- they're long distance -- even if she’s already taken it off.

This got me thinking about my own beauty habits with someone new, and when it feels comfortable to ditch the makeup before bed. Everyone knows sleeping with makeup on can cause breakouts, but sometimes the alternative -- revealing what’s underneath -- is even less appealing. At least when I consider doing it.

While loads of guys claim to hate makeup or prefer a “natural look,” the truth is many don’t know that “natural” often requires foundation and concealer. (Take a certain Kardashian, for example, who told Jane and Cat that she wears very little, when her signature beauty look is full on diva. My speculation -- not theirs -- is that she’s totally lying, but it doesn’t make her any less beautiful.)

I’m not into this glorification of bare-faced beauty and makeup shame.

But we're talking about bedtime makeup habits. As someone who hates going without makeup, I’ve found a few ways to sleep in it when I feel like it, and not wake up with a face full of acne. The best stuff for overnight wear? Ultra-creamy concealers like my favorite, Bobbi Brown Corrector:

...and washable mascara such as Maybelline Full ' Soft:

...since waterproof formulas can cause major clumps and even lash loss in the morning. Leave on your eyeliner, too. There’s a reason why smeary smoky eyes looks effortlessly sexy; they’re inspired by slept-in makeup.

But I want to hear about your sleeping beauty habits with someone new. Or on your own, whatever. I'm an insomniac who's obsessed with sleep. Let’s talk about it.