DIY Potted Highlighter For Angels On A Budget

This DIY is fast, easy, and super useful!
Publish date:
April 14, 2015
DIY, highlighter, RMS, glowy makeup

Highlighter is fast becoming a makeup item I can’t live without. There is a direct correlation between the amount of spots I have highlighted and my mood. Highlighted to full potential feels at once subtle and angelic, even when I'm applying it to a naked face!

But highlighters can be pricey, hence this DIY. I chose to go the potted route because I like to apply highlighter with my fingers or a brush. Opt for any color you like but I went for a golden peach hue--you could go dark bronze or snowy white like the every-popular RMS Living Luminizer.

Feel free to adjust the amount of pigment to your needs, adding for opacity or subtracting for a more translucent finish.


  • Small microwave safe cup or jar
  • Clean pot, tin, or jar
  • Stirring implement
  • Kitchen scale (or just convert the grams to teaspoons)
  • Beeswax
  • Oil of choice
  • Pigment of choice (I used loose shimmer and some old Lancome eye shadow)
  • Zinc oxide (optional for opacity)


  • 4 grams oil (I used caffeinated castor oil, a homemade version of Jamaican black castor oil)
  • 2.5 grams beeswax (vegans can go for candelilla wax)
  • 1 gram pigment for translucent effect, 3 grams for opaque look
  • 1 gram optional zinc oxide
  • 1 gram evening primrose oil
  • .75 gram frankincense essential oil, 20% strength


Weigh wax and first oil into the jar, set aside.

In a separate cup, weigh pigments and oxide. Add 1 gram (about one capsule) of evening primrose oil and .75 grams frankincense and mix thoroughly.

Melt wax and oil in a microwave in 10 second bursts until fully melted.

Quickly stir in all the pigment and mix thoroughly.

Pour into pot or container and allow to cool.


Now go forth, young prince or princess, and don’t forget to highlight those cheekbones, Cupid’s bows, eyebrow arches, and, if you’re a candidate for Gaston in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway like me, your chin clefts! That one was a game-changer for me!

  • What’s your fave highlighter?
  • Do you go for more opaque highlighters or thin veils of shimmer?

Photos: Darnell Scott