DIVA TO DIVA: Trying Out The New "Liquid Sand" From OPI'S Mariah Carey Line

The whole week I was wearing it, I kept rubbing my thumbs over my nails because the texture is so weird and fun, it kind of made my nipples hard.
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January 3, 2013

We’re not even a week into 2013 and there’s already a new nail trend hitting the shelves. I’m not complaining! It’s 23 damn degrees outside right now so I’ll take any excuse to stay in my apartment and do my nails.

Throughout 2012, we saw a ton of nail trends become more accessible in drugstores and salons like. From magnetic polish, the return shatter polish, holographic topcoats, flake topcoats, and nail stickers, everyone was looking to add something extra to their nails. Well, just when everyone is stepping their nail game up and special effects polish are becoming more mainstream, OPI has taken it to another level with their new line of LIQUID SAND.

When I saw the first promo shots of Liquid Sand back in August, I immediately fell to pieces with excitement, and am only now pulling myself together. I have been straight STALKING the nail girls at my salon ever since, making them promise they’d let me know when it finally arrived. And it finally has.

Liquid Sand is part of OPI’s new line dedicated to the original diva extraordinaire: Mariah Carey.

The collection is made up of eight shades, four of which are so very Mariah: a lustrous copper, a rich purple, a soft pink, and a lavender glitter topcoat.

To add to the already luxurious collection, OPI presented their new, textured Liquid Sand formula in a bright turquoise, a royal purple, a hot flamingo pink and a deep black cherry.

“But what,” you are surely dying to know, “does ‘Liquid Sand’ mean?” Basically, it is a textured polish, with glitter, that dries matte, all of which enhances the textured feel that you get when polish is dry. Make no mistake, it does not get its texture from simply being a glitter polish with a matte finish, it really does feel like your nails are covered in sand. The whole week I was wearing it, I kept rubbing my thumbs over my nails because the texture is so weird and fun, it kind of made my nipples hard.

I’d almost go as far as to say that it is a caviar manicure in a bottle. While I’m sure it is not as textured as an actual caviar manicure would be, for me it’s an acceptable second because though I love the caviar manicure, I’m afraid of it. I feel like one of those little beads is going to slip under my nail and my hand will then get infected and fall off. Rational, I know.

I snatched a bottle of the darkest shade called “Stay The Night.” I found the name sexual and mysterious, just like me. I was a little apprehensive about the application, because glitter polishes are always a dick to apply, and -- paired with a matte formula -- I pictured the polish drying on the brush and the glitter clumping together and being difficult. But no! It applies just as easily as any other polish. In fact, before the first coat dried, it looked like a thick jelly polish.

OPI advises that two coats should be sufficient, which I suppose it was, but I went for three because I really wanted to get that texture. Also, this may seem obvious but let me state for the record: no topcoat is needed. Using one would defeat the purpose of the matte finish and the texture.

Normally, I don’t like glitter polishes, but I LOVE anything matte. Liquid sand is definitely the best of both worlds. I was surprised that the matte finish didn’t dull the glitter. I was also impressed by how shiny it still was.

I tried to get a photo that really showcased the texture and the glitter. Not the easiest since I went with the darkest shade, but this one should be sufficient.

Oh, and as I’m writing this, OPI just released a video about Liquid Sand! Peep it here.

Two things:

  1. The video says it takes 10 minutes for the polish to dry, which it totally did not. Matte finishes are way less temperamental to work with than normal lacquer and I think I waited about five minutes because that’s all the patience I can muster (also I hate referring to nail polish as “lacquer,” I will never be that sophisticated).
  2. Also, you do NOT need to soak your fingers for 10 minutes in order to get it off. It’s not nearly as difficult to remove as other glitter polishes. It takes a bit more effort, but it’s still a breeze. Have no fear.

I have a feeling that Liquid Sand is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it item, but that’s okay because those are my favorite kind of products. What’s more BORING than something that everyone can agree on? I love it, and I hope that OPI slings out more shades of Liquid Sand, and keeps expanding on the fun and nonsensical shit we can do to our nails.

SO, YOU GUYS. What do you think? Are you going to give Liquid Sand a try? If you do, let me know what happens. What’s your favorite Mariah Carey song? Mine is “Heartbreaker.” Tell me what other fun things I should be trying on my nails!

Tynan is tactile on Twitter: @TynanBuck.