GUYS IT CAN HAPPEN! These Discontinued Beauty Products Are Coming Back From The Dead

What's your one-that-got-away? All sob stories are welcome.
Publish date:
March 5, 2014
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If there is one thing that women (and some men) will bitch about until the end of time, it’s the phasing-out of a favorite beauty product. I have listened to some bitter tirades about this over the years. I have heard painful tales of love and loss. The fear of losing beloved products has even driven one person I know to make threats of arson.

And I’m a victim, too! I’ve also been left high and dry by brands that cruelly discarded the stuff I love in order to make room for the latest and supposedly greatest. Hmph. If you’ve been there, you know it can make you feel like a jilted lover wondering WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?I thought we had a good thing going!

That’s why this clever thing that Revlon is doing resonated with me. They brought a handful of discontinued lipstick colors back to life through a five-day promo on Facebook that sounds similar to the battle rounds on "The Voice." Each day, they pitted two vintage shades against each other and the one that got the most comments won. The five left standing are rolling out into stores now and will be around until April or whenever they sell out.

The lipstick that got the most love overall is Fifth Avenue Red (3000+ comments!), which originally launched in 1956. It's so Betty Draper.

When the Retro Revlon line landed on my desk, I thought it was such a cool idea. Sure, I’m surrounded by new products at work and at home, but the majority of the things I use on a regular basis are classics like MAC Powder Blush in Raizin (one of the best shades for brown skin), L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara (the original one with the gray and gold tube) and Clinique Superbalm lip gloss. Unlike other glosses, it doesn’t make me feel like I smeared honey onto my lips. I have four Superbalms and at least two tubes are with me at all times.

These are my desert island products. You know, the stuff that I hope is around long enough for my future teenage daughter to steal out of my makeup bag in the year 2032. With skin and hair products, I have more of a George Clooney approach. I’ll stick with something I like for a couple of years then I’m onto the next hot thing. I just haven’t found an eye cream that want to settle down with yet.

My attachment to certain makeup (especially concealer, powder and blush) has a lot to do with my dark skin tone. It’s still surprisingly tough to find colors that work for my complexion, so when I discover something that looks pretty, I keep a death grip on it. Or hoard it. Usually both. But sometimes that’s not enough.

A few years ago, Payless started selling a line of makeup called “Unforgettable Moments.” Anybody remember this? The collection included lip gloss palettes and I was really into the pink one. Well, I should say there was one color in particular that I loved -- a bright purpley-pink. I ended up scraping the bottom of it twice. I wish I had stockpiled more palettes. Regrets, man.

Every time I wore The World’s Most Perfect Pink, someone would ask about it. Once I wore it to a beauty event and the creator of a well-known makeup company who shall remain nameless, made me take the palette out of my purse and show it to her because she wanted to copy it.

The irony is that the palette only cost six bucks! When I wear my pricey department store lipsticks? Crickets. I was so pissed when I found out Payless stopped carrying the line. I’ve tried other colors that look similar, but I’m still chasing the dragon.

Unforgettable Moments was only at Payless for a hot second so I'm 99% sure that I'll never see it again, but the Revlon thing gives me a glimmer of hope that other companies might also use feedback from social media to bring back the old products that are still haunting us. What's your one-that-got-away? All sob stories are welcome.