Did Jared Leto Have The Best Hair At The Oscars?

My esteemed panel of judges (me, plus four tipsy friends) says yes.
Publish date:
March 3, 2014
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I have a long-standing tradition of watching the Oscars with the same small group of friends. I don’t remember exactly how many years we’ve doing this, but it’s always a loud affair with food, bubbly and plenty of lively commentary about which celebs look amazing and which ones didn’t get it quite right. And let me tell you, these people can be more brutal than Joan Rivers. As for my style of critiquing, I’m usually pretty forgiving about an unflattering dress, but a train wreck hairstyle? I can’t.

I don’t know if you watched last night, but although the actual ceremony was entertaining (that hilarious selfie!) and at times suspenseful (YAY, LUPITA!), I thought that most of the looks on the red carpet were pretty forgettable. Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o stood out, but throughout the entire awards season, no gown ever came close to that red Ralph Lauren number that Lupita wore to the Golden Globes. I don’t know what could possibly top that. I don’t even know if Lupita herself can top that. That’s your big challenge in 2015, actresses, should you choose to accept it.

Beautywise, mostly everyone played it predictably safe. Maybe that’s why my girls and I actually had more fun talking about the guys this year -- they definitely brought their A-games. Especially Jared Leto. I know he’s been around since "My So-Called Life," but it wasn’t until I saw "Dallas Buyers Club," one of the few Oscar movies that I caught, that I realized how attractive he is. A guy has to be to be in order to look that pretty in makeup. I was impressed.

When Jared showed up for his obligatory awkward interview with Ryan Seacrest, we all shut up pretty quickly to gaze at the TV. Dayum! Long hair on guys is generally not my thing. I didn’t even like it on Brad Pitt. But I like it on Jared just fine. Oh yeah, mighty fine indeed. Me and the crew spent a considerable amount of time discussing it and agreed that he won the night as far as hair is concerned.

The power of Mr. Leto’s hair is not lost on his team because about an hour into the ceremony, I got a press release from Vidal Sassoon about how to get his “natural, air dried waves.” Apparently Jared and his hairstylist, Chase Kusero, almost went with a man-bun, but decided at the last minute to let Jared’s hair cascade over his shoulders. I think they made the right choice.

I’m used to getting a bunch of get-the-look recaps in my inbox during any major awards show, but I like those rare occasions when I get one about a man. I find it refreshing. I’ve never really covered men’s grooming (I guess technically Jared's style is unisex), but I like that little acknowledgement that Hollywood guys put effort into their looks, too. It's not just the ladies that employ glam squads.

Did you guys make it through that painfully long Oscars ceremony or did you bail to watch "Girls"? Did Jared’s hair do it for you or not so much? Don't be shy.