Remember Deee-lite? Let's Get the Look: A Lady Miss Kier Tutorial

It was so hard for me NOT to include a pun in that title.
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November 20, 2012
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I’m in a funk again, lovelies. Unfortunately, it’s come to be the sole motif of my (halfway over! Yes!) grad-school year.

I jokingly Tweeted yesterday that I “only have enough energy to Google images of skinny femme boy rock stars” while the “hours pass by,” but in actuality, it was no joke. I WAS wasting away in front of beautiful Christopher Owens and Brian Molko pics. I WAS watching way too many hours of old "Homeland" episodes -- and I don’t even LIKE Homeland (that’s not entirely true, I’m just not that far into the series yet).

It’s as if I suddenly grow this extremely anti-social layer to my personality whenever I go on a break of any kind. I just hole up, listen to sad music (i.e. Holy Shit with Ariel Pink-- that’s the stuff!), and otherwise RETREAT. And sure, part of it might be that my body sincerely needs a pre-finals break, hibernation-style, but part of it is just kinda how I roll sometimes. Reclusiveness is just programmed into my wiring.

Which is why I was so surprised when I started dancing around my apartment out of nowhere this morning. What was the cause of such booty-shaking levity, you ask? F*cking Deee-lite, that’s what.

The culprit song, of course, was the tried and true “Groove is in the Heart.” That song can lift you out of any brand of funk.

So I replaced my skinny rocker boy Google image search with Deee-lite. With one click I was aghast, amazed, and in deep, instant love with frontwoman, singer Lady Miss Kier.

How could I have forgotten how perfect she is?! She is the quintessential club-kid/60s vixen/bombshell hybrid. Seriously, if I ever decide to have children, I hope 10 little Miss Kiers pop out.

But rather than spiraling into obsessive, Single White Female psycho-babble, I’ll show you what I did to get my very own LMK look.

I’m drawn to Miss Kier’s use of color. Just splashes of awesome color everywhere, man! Which is why I opted for bright green, cream eye shadow and sparkly party-store eyelashes.

I just slathered the green on my lids in a fan-shape and outlined it with my cheapo black shadow to make it all linear and 60’s-like. Then I glued on the lashes over my wing-tipped eyeliner. Wary false eyelash consumers should note that I always use half of the false eyelashes because it’s more manageable and it emphasizes the hell out of my cat eye. Plus, it’s super frugal. Synthetic lashes do not grow on trees, glamazons.

For my first Kier look, I paired an ultra mini skirt with a lime green, flared-sleeve top, some white tights, and some shiny, vinyl go-go boots.

Any LMK look should be equal parts mod and psychedelic. Did I mention that I got those daisy hair-clips in bulk from Walgreens? Because I did. Here are some suggestions for getting your own Lady Miss Kier look!

Those Daisy earrings, the sunglasses, the striped sweater, and both of the pairs of shoes are from Etsy. The neon skirt is from Windsor for only $43 bucks! The sexy go-go boots are a wee bit pricy at $175, but the clogs are a manageable $70. Be warned: I may have to fight you for those.

Another thing about LMK's look is that she is so SENSUAL. I mean, have you seen her voting ad from the 90s? SEXY.

So I decided to rock my backless leotard with some heavily printed flares.

I kinda dig my ultra-high, ultra-flippy ponytail, too. The waves kind of faltered throughout the photo shoot (I was busy bopping around to Deee-lite and all) but I still dig the look.

I had so much fun channeling the Lady that I might want to adopt her style. Like, permanently. Which means, I may have to dye my hair red.

JUST KIDDING! I tried that shit in high school. It was decidedly heinous on me. Plus, I’m still working on getting my hair to the perfect blonde. It would be defeatist to give up now.

Anywho, here are some more lovely, sexy shoppables for you guys! Because If I can’t own a shiny bodysuit, someone out there should.

Don't hate me, but that orange leotard is from American Apparel. As is the one I'm wearing in the pictures! I know they are so skeevy and creepy (even my boyfriend glared at me when I was scrolling through their site for the link), but I still think my leotard is fab. Sorry 'bout it!

But back to shopping. That crazy houndstooth body suit and geometric, yellow leotard are from eBay, at $35 and $23 respectively. The pink, shiny, booty-hugging body suit is slightly pricier at $55 from Etsy. If one of you end up buying that last little number, PLEASE send me a picture. I so badly want to see it in action!

What do you think of my Gabi-fied LMK look? Did I do it justice? Do you feel as much love for this woman and/or Deee-lite as I do? TALK TO ME, BUBALAS!

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