INTRODUCING... "WANNA CYBER?" WITH CAT: "Icy Parents, Beautiful Decay in L.A., + What Are The Best Mascaras Ever?" Edition

I spent three hours chatting with xoJane readers last night on the internet -- and WILDLY enjoyed every second. Obsessed with you guys!
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March 14, 2012
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Yo! So I wasn't feeling inspired to write anything particularly great last night (what's new) (and no, this picture is not accurate -- Olivia took it at the office on Monday; whatever).

But since I had columns due and these days when I have columns due I try to actually do them, I decided to try something ... futuristic and put my iChat name -- cmarnell55 -- on Twitter, to invite xoJane readers to hit me up and chat! A TON of readers contacted me and I computer-talked for HOURS. FUN. I loved it! It was so great getting to know all of you!

I particularly loved this conversation that I had with xoJane reader Rachel last night -- me at home in my New York apartment (although, again, I used one of Olivia's lovely office pics of me) and she, I presume, at home in Los Angeles. This is the first of the iChat conversations I'm sharing with you, and it's not just about beauty stuff; it turned pretty intense and interesting -- on my end, it's very honest, though I'm not super-psyched with some of the things I said (though, you know -- I said them). But alas! This is why my new "WANNA CYBER?" column will be, um -- weird, I guess, if nothing else. I'll surely get in trouble for saying some dumb shit and you guys will like that, so there's something to look forward to of course. I'm not editing anything out to look better like I might in the final moments before putting up a normal, written post!And let me tell you. For real: it's pretty awesome to get have actual conversations with you guys, the readers, instead of just writing AT you, you know? I really do want to meet more of you online in the future, though I've got about 10 more conversations to post before I do another go-round. Stay tuned!

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