Create A Scent To Match Each And Every Mood Swing With THE BLEND Custom Fragrance Blending Kit!

With this kit, you can blend yourself a new fragrance every day before you leave the house!
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July 14, 2015
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Fragrances are about intention. The bottle you reach for in the morning says a lot about how you want your day to go. Does the scent make you feel powerful? Approachable? What you're wearing changes how you carry yourself, and in turn, how people perceive you.

In the same way, the scent you spray on at the beginning of your evening can say a lot about how you want your night to end. What I wear when I want my night to end hanging with a bunch of my guys is a lot different than what I wear when I want to end the night alone in a room with just one guy. Feel me?

I never used to switch up my scents, but now, I’m indecisive and greedy. I rarely wear the same thing two days in a row. Half the time, I’m trying out a new scent that some publicist sent me, and usually hating it. The other half of the time, I’m wearing one of the gang of summer scents I’ve collected, matching the scent to my rapidly swinging mood.

For instance, my summer standard is Marc Jacobs Men, breezy, beachy, and perfect for summer.

Sometimes I switch it out with Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar (yes, I’m serious.) It has a light, warm sweetness that’s perfect for throwing on with a crewneck and Vans while running errands. Not that I wear Vans, but you get the picture.

If it’s a hot summer night/if I’m horny, or both, usually both, I’ll be wearing Midnight Fleur by NEST, my slutty summer scent. If I’m on vacation, it’s Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder. If I’m on a date, I’ll be wearing my own custom fragrance, because I want men to know my scent, and fear it.

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What I mean is, I’ve been switching it up lately, which is only feeding my obsession with scents. It’s nice to be able to tailor my fragrance to whatever I’m feeling that day.

Which is why I’m stoked that Fred Segal’s THE BLEND Custom Fragrance Blending Kit is now available at Sephora!

Fred Segal’s Santa Monica location (my favorite) has been custom blending fragrances for their customers for over 30 years, and with this kit, you can blend yourself a new fragrance every day before you leave the house! I am so, so down with this. Obviously.

The full kit comes with 10 rollerball vials, each filled with a different blend of notes: Water Lily, Grassy Vetiver, Amber Vanilla, Forest Patchouli, Tropic Bloom, White Tea, Clean Musk, Exotic Rose, Ocean Air, and Citrus Zest. Layer on two or three of the scents in differing amounts, depending on how you’re feeling that day, and bam, you’ve got yourself a scent blended just for you, by you.

These aren’t simply one note scents, as their name might suggest. Each scent in the collection is actually a blend itself, made up of around ten other notes. When worn alone, you’re still going to have a gorgeous fragrance built around the notes in the name. When layered over one or two of the other blends, you’re going to get a fragrance with a depth and dynamic wear.

I’m always hesitant to approach a scent in a rollerball, or a mini vial, or in any form that’s not a traditional atomizer. Often, the formula of the fragrance oil is changed to make it compatible with the rollerball applicator, which messes with the longevity and wear of the scent.

Not the case with these! I was happy to find that the wear of these pure fragrance oils is exactly the kind of wear that I look for in all of my fragrances. Each one wears well throughout the day whether worn alone or layered, and none of them overpower the other scents when blended. They hold their own all day and wear consistently, so that they’ll smell just as good at the end of the night as they did when you layered them on, but they’re never going to enter a room before you do. You never want to be that guy, you know?

The blends have a nice throw, but they’re not going to end up choking out all your friends halfway through the night (even if you want to.) They wear close to your body, and, being oils, they have a tendency to cling to things they come in contact with: your T-shirt, your sheets, his chest, whatever. They can make for a little “I was here” reminder after you part ways with your summer fling, floating around him like a tangible memory.

The Fred Segal team sent me the mini kit so I could play around with layering and get a feel for the collection. I’ve been messing with a couple vials for a few days and I’m already pretty hooked. It’s exciting to build a scent on your skin and see how it wears throughout the night.

A few nights ago, I was meeting a friend of mine out for a few drinks, so I wanted something warm and inviting to compliment the gorgeous summer night. I applied a heavy base of Amber Vanilla, then layered Tropic Bloom over it, and topped it off with Citrus Zest. After a few minutes of letting the oils sink into my skin and warm up, I was pleasantly surprised with how the amber and florals complimented each other, while the citrus livened up the scent. Had I smelled that scent at a fragrance counter, I would have bought it on the spot. Maybe I should be a perfumer, maybe that is my true calling. Bye guys.

A few days later, My friends and I were going out on one of their boats, so I wanted something fresh and airy, something that said “I’ve never been to the Hamptons but I have seen a few episodes of Revenge and this is what I think they would smell like.”

I used a base of Clean Musk to challenge myself, as I don’t usually gravitate toward musks. On top of that, I layered the Citrus Zest, and topped it off with Tropic Floral. The outcome was a bright, crisp, and clean scent that I really, really enjoyed all day, but would have never expected to turn out so great. It smelled awesome all day even through sunscreen application, being beaten by winds for hours, and having PBR spilled all over me.

The Blend is available as a full set for $150. Now, before you bite my head off about the price, realize that these are 10 vials meant to be blended together, so the set is going to end up lasting you a very long time. It’s something I could very realistically see myself investing in, because, as you know, I love fragrances, and have no concept of the value of a dollar.

However, if you’re not sure you want to make the commitment to a full set, you can cop the mini kit for a measly $29. It contains four vials, half the size of the ones in the full set, in Amber Vanilla, Citrus Zest, Clean Musk, and Tropic Bloom. These four scents are the perfect jump off to trying your hand at layering scents and seeing if you’re ready to make the jump to all 10.

The scents are available in individual rollerballs for $25 a piece if you find a few that you really love, but don’t want to repurchase the entire set in order to get your favorites.

Have you tried The Blend? Do you layer your fragrances? What are you wearing right now? Also, unrelated, My friends and I are going to New Orleans on Friday (lol) WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?

Tynan is blending scents on Twitter @TynanBuck.