BEAUTY FIX: Cover Those Pimps Like A Pro

Beauty writers get breakouts, too. Here's how we cope.
Publish date:
November 11, 2011
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While I'd really like to hide under my Yankees fitted and stay home until this constellation of pimples goes away, I'm going to flaunt them for you instead so we can talk about acne.

As anyone with persistent pimples knows, concealing a breakout isn't easy and piling on products often just aggravates acne further. The blemishes above definitely need to be treated, but right now I'm focused on how to cover them up so I can carry on with my life.

I called my favorite makeup artist Suzy Gerstein to get her expert tips on hiding acne. She's worked with loads of models and celebs -- even Steven Tyler -- so she's seen it all.

Here's what Suzy had to say:

1. Prep your skin with a lightweight moisturizer such as Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturizer. Over-drying zits will just lead to more zits. Counterintuitive I know, but stripping your skin of its natural oils just makes it think there's a drought and it produces more.

2. Apply a sheer layer of water-based foundation all over the face to prime the canvas. I love Shiseido's Dual Finish Foundation. Use a damp cosmetics sponge -- I use the Beauty Blender -- and wash the product evenly onto the skin using a stippling motion. This creates a nice base for the concealer to adhere to and an added benefit of doing this step first is that sometimes you can stop at foundation. 3. Dip a small, pointed brush into your concealer. Look for something with enough weight and substance to really "stick"to a zit but also blend out easily. The key is finding a color that matches your skin tone exactly, as a too-light color will just draw attention to your zit. Step into good daylight and mix up a few versions and test them on your jawline until the right one disappears. That's your shade. Scribble the brush over the top of the offender until all redness, or if your have darker skin, darkness, is covered. Then gently blend with your makeup sponge -- pat but don't rub, so the color stays put. Go for one more sheer layer if you still see it.

4. For long wear, set your concealer with a tiny bit of translucent powder applied with a big fluffy brush. Tap off the excess since too much powder, particularly if you've been trying to dry your zit out with over the counter stuff, will cake.

MY BEAUTY BAG: Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder, Cle De Peau Concealer, Beauty Blender, Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush, Mally Powder Brush.

That's my little roster, now tell me about yours. What products do you use to hide a major breakout? Or do you leave your pimps uncovered and let them breathe?