When Obsessions Collide: Football + Katniss + Makeup

When beauty companies READ MY MIND.
Publish date:
October 14, 2013
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My Twitter bio reads like this: "Acting Fashion & Beauty Director @xojanedotcom, pop culture savant, rabid sports fan, fashion/beauty junkie, honorary @SoulCycle recruiter." Yep, that pretty much sums me up and you'll hear lots about all of these things as you get to know me on the site.

What makes me INSANELY happy is when these worlds collide. Like a collaboration between pop sensation and a makeup brand I love -- yes, that's you Rihanna and MAC.

Recently Cover Girl (who have zero to do with this post other than reading my mind and apparently catering their collections to my cultural whims!) partnered with the NFL on a palette of nail polishes that came in every single teams' colors.

I love my hometown Indianapolis Colts so much. I suit up every Sunday in my gear and hit a sports bar with my football loving friends to take in the game. And if I'm home, like I was last weekend for a wedding, I go in person. And scream like a maniac.

The NFL is doing a lot of marketing to women of late. Some of it seems really forced, some of it is totally cool with me like the Cover Girl collab. (Note: NFL, it is NOT cool that you no longer allow females to take our normal-size purses into games and instead forced me to walk around last Sunday with a clear plastic bag. But I sense you know this already.)

I love the sets of nail polish colors that come for every team in the league -- some have two, some three, depending on the team. The color is really rich and lasted a full week (maximum time for me with most manis). I chose my index finger as a "hero" nail, all the better for touting that we are, indeed, #1.

And here I'm am on game day. I got my friends Dallas and NY Giants' friends to paint theirs too because obviously we all get along when it comes to beauty products.

And then on the heels of this magical NFL collection, comes Cover Girl teaming up with another one of my obsessions: "The Hunger Games." Yes, I am 37. Yes, I read a TON of YA. And yes, I still care about "The Hunger Games" and cannot wait for "Catching Fire" to come out. Enter The Capitol Collection.

Of course I realize that my fictional best friend/little sister Jennifer Lawrence is not affiliated with these products but that doesn't mean I won't feel a strong Katniss-bond when I paint my nails "Rogue Red" with one of these wee bottles of polish. And for the past week and a half, the Flamed Up Mega Curl Mascara has been doing very good things for the volume of my lashes which always makes me feel rather like a badass.

Maybe I'm a sucker for marketing, but this is all working for me. Do you ever go for themed collections or beauty collaborations? Also, GO COLTS! (They're playing tonight on Monday Night Football.)