Highlighting Fiends (Like Me) Are Gonna Lose Their $h!t Over These "Liquid Metal" Drops

I was almost intimidated by these liquid metal drops, like, would they be too much for even me. But then I remembered who the fuck I am.
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June 28, 2016
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Well, I hope you're all enjoying my summer of exclusively covering highlighters because I sure am. Had I known that 2016 was going to be the Year of the Glow™, I would have made some room on my bathroom shelves! We all know that the best reason to clean and organize your beauty products is getting more beauty products.

So far, we've talked about how one of the best highlighters out there right now is available (though sold the hell out) at your local drugstore, the wild new highlighters from a booming beauty startup, and all of my favorite products for a prismatic, colorful highlight. I'm so glad highlighters are trending right now because they're my favorite part of my beauty routine and I plan on hoarding all of these products so that when the tide eventually turns and people start obsessing over something else, I'll still have a literal arsenal of highlighters at my disposal to glow me up.

The latest product that has everyone excited are the new COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops. COVER FX has a good thing going, and I love watching the brand grow. Their line includes Custom Cover Drops — pure pigments made to transform any product into a base, letting you control coverage. These aren't new, but a product that turns my favorite moisturizer into a tinted moisturizer still blows my mind. They also have Custom Infusion Drops that can be used in any product for an extra dose of benefits for your skin, as well as Custom Blot Drops to mattify any product. Cool, right? Beauty is all about customization and these can revolutionize your beauty routine by helping you get more mileage out of products you're already using.

Now, COVER FX just casually dropped these Custom Enhancer Drops as if I wouldn't lose every last bit of my already fragile mind.

I caught a glimpse of these and I swear to you that I have never emailed a publicist faster. Six shades, four highlighters and two bronzers, made to add luminosity or a bronze glow to any product, makeup or skincare, and can even be used alone.

I had them send me two shades: Celestial, a pretty, silvery pink with maybe just a bit of lavender, because, obviously. As well as Moonlight because I love rose gold, and also because I love that Ariana Grande song.

You guys, these are like liquid metal.

This is the hard stuff. The good stuff. I was almost intimidated by them, like, would they be too much for even me? But then I remembered who the fuck I am.

Last week I whined about the pros and cons of glowy foundations and how they can be too much of a good thing in the wrong places. When you've got a forehead as big as mine, you don't want any shine there.

I figured that, since I'd be basically mainlining a highlight with these, I'd better take it slow, approach with caution. I mean look at the sheen on these:

I played around with them a couple of times and they were basically everything I'd hoped they'd be. Here's how did it.

I did my face with one of my favorite liquid foundations, Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Fluid Foundation. It's lightweight while giving you medium, buildable coverage, and bounces light around for a healthy glow without being a glowy foundation.

AND THEN, I mixed a pump of foundation with one drop of the Enhancer Drops.

I mixed it with the pointed tip of my beauty blender and bounced it on the tops of my cheekbones where I'd normally lay down a highlight.

As I did this, I got kind of freaked out because as I watched closely in the mirror, it looked like I was just applying more foundation to the places I was trying to highlight. I couldn't see any luminosity from the angle I was looking from. I made sure to blend and then took a step back, sort of fearing what I'd see.

OH. That's fine. That's subtle and pretty actually. Okay, I can hang.

For the other side of my mug, I stepped it up and mixed two drops of the Enhancer Drops in with one pump of foundation.

Now we're talking. Two drops of highlight with one pump of Ultra HD foundation is the perfect starting point for a good, glowy highlight, for me personally. It's important to remember that these drops will interact with every foundation differently. The Ultra HD Fluid is a real banger because it gives you a lot of coverage with very little product, it's very pigmented, so it holds its own when mixed with these drops. A more sheer foundation would give you more of a glow faster.

I was loving them. They're basically liquid metal so one little tube is going to last me a WHILE. But, I was still fiending for more.

The second time I used these, to avoid the feeling that I was putting on too much foundation (there is no such thing as "too much foundation" but you get what I mean) I applied foundation to my forehead and nose, and then mixed in the highlight drops and applied that to my cheeks for coverage and highlight without laying on a bunch of product. I used about three or four drops this time. On my right side (1) I wore Moonlight, and on my left (2), I wore Celestial.

Now THAT is a highlight I can ride with. It looks like it's glowing with my foundation instead of from on top of it. The two shades I used are pretty similar and you definitely get more glow than color, which is the way it should be. The main difference I saw is that Celestial has that iridescent touch of lavender that really makes it pop off the skin, while Moonlight is warmer, making its glow a bit less vicious.

The only thing I saw that you'd need to keep an eye out for is that when I had it all applied the way i wanted, I'd take a step back and examine my masterpiece and see a little bit of patchiness in the highlight. This was easily remedied by going back in and buffing it out with the blunt end of my Beauty Blender, fusing it all into one fluid glow. This is due to the fact that you're mixing it you're mixing it all right there and then putting on on. You're doing it live! So your applicator, whatever it may be, might pick up more highlight in some places than others. Just take an extra glance before you leave the house.

I'm a fan. I'm a BIG fan. I can't wait to snap with these and go for almost mirror-like reflectivity. It can be done.

Do you guys use anything by CUSTOM FX? If so, how do you do it? What's your favorite highlighter? Tell me everything below!!

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