Hair Saga: Cool Tips for Getting Light, Fairy Princess Hair PLUS! Give Me Some More Advice, Glamazons

Since I’m in the throes of final exams, I figured I’d focus on meticulously crafted, DIY hair color treatments instead. Naturally.
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December 12, 2012
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‘SUP, PEOPLE? Quick question: Do you remember a time when you were so hard at work on something that you neglected to shower or eat anything other than Cheetos for days on end -- your hair matted into some crazy version of a pompadour, your fingers stained an unbecoming shade of slobbery orange, and your eyes bulging out like a cute lil’, laptop-obsessed rodent? Because I do! For me, that day is today! And all of last week, really.

And I’m getting super sick of it. Thusly, I’m indulging in my old habit of questioning the point of it all. Which is never a good sign!

So instead of taking a walk or watching Apple trailers to clear my well-worn noggin and get back to work, I decided to mash some chemicals onto my head and try a lot of mediocre drugstore hair masks.

The good news is that I’m really growing to love my new shade of blonde. The bad news is I’m having trouble maintaining my purple hair.

I know, I know! You all warned me! But I didn’t want to listen. I wanted to get permanent, whimsical fairy hair with little-to-no fuss. ALAS, that is impossible. Especially when you have particularly stubborn hair like moi. Some of my hair is still dark blonde, despite three (probably highly toxic) dye jobs. My roots are already visible too, yo! It’s as if my dark brown locks are just brewing like pesky little weeds under the pretty veneer of my new blonde hair, waiting to inconvenience me. Stupid hair.

That is why I was especially elated when I found a pretty cool way of maintaining my purplish sheen, which effectively distracts my focus away from my burgeoning, hellacious roots and junk! My hair is still not as bright as I want it to be, but hopefully, after another dye session, my purple will be more vibrant, shiny, and My-Little-Pony-esque.

I should take this time to publicly thank all of you, beautiful xoJane commenters, for all of your wacky hair dye wisdom! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought to mix Manic Panic dye into my conditioner for purple hair maintenance.

And it worked wonderfully! But there is a trick to getting the right tone you want. I picked Manic Panic Ultra Violet for my particular hue because, unlike Purple Haze, it has a cool, bluish tint to it as well, which I enjoy. If you’re a fellow bleach blonde (welcome to the club, babes!) and you want strictly purple undertones, go for the Haze, man.

Also, it’s important to remember that if you don’t have a uniformly white blonde hair color, you’re going to get some brighter purple streaks in the mix. I, for one, enjoy that my hair looks like a warped, violet candy cane. And even though the purple dye didn’t necessarily translate as well to my ashier-blonde hair, it still gave me a cool, purple toned sheen, which I like.

So how can YOU get a nice fairy-dusted hair tone?

  1. Get some Tupperware you’re willing to permanently part with (SO HARD, I know).
  2. Get a bunch of pronged hair-clips for easy hair partition.
  3. If you can, get your hands on a dye brush. I happen to have one because SOMEONE in this household uses Just For Men. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Anyway, the wee brush makes application easier and it helps to thoroughly work the dye into your hair.
  4. You should probably get some gloves before any dye touches anything. I did not follow this sage advice and my hands stayed a lovely shade of bad-circulation-purple for a few hours.
  5. Squish out enough conditioner (it should be a white conditioner, by the way) into the Tupperware to cover your entire head. I have a lot of hair so I filled up about two thirds of my container.
  6. Then you should add tiny, TINY amounts of dye into the conditioner until you reach your desired color. Remember that the conditioner dilutes the dye, so the color should be slightly darker than the color you want on your dry hair.

7.Then, work the dye into your hair, piece by piece!

The first time around, I panicked and washed my hair out after 15 minutes because I kept thinking I was going to have mega punk hair, but after I washed it out, NOTHING showed up. Silly, impulsive Gabi.

So I decided to do a second go-round, being the trooper that I am, and I left my concoction in for half an hour. That got some purple going for sure.

I’ve discussed my fairy hair journey with fellow colorful-haired friends of mine and they leave their conditioner-dye combo in their hair for up to an HOUR. In a shower cap and everything! How retro! I have yet to find the time to try this out, but I’m wondering what you all think. I’m pretty sure that the length of time doesn’t affect the hair color as much as the color saturation does, but I can’t be too sure.

And since you’ve helped me before, won’t you continue to give me your awesome advice? I will send you endless virtual hugs and love through the monitor screen.

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