Cool girl beauty tips: Sabina on big-hair-(and ego)-boosting powders

In this regular feature, I will be getting cool girls to reveal their beauty secrets, tips and tricks. First up is Sabina, who tells us how she gets her hair to be so BIG.
Publish date:
June 5, 2012
hair, beauty, DIY

Sabina with her big hair

You want big hair? Backcombing and hairspray seems like the answer in the short term, but in reality they cause long-term damage to our hair. So what's the next best solution? Magic powder!

I discovered this when I was at a hair salon and when I asked about it, I was amazed how a bit of Dust It powder could work wonders. After intensive research online and YouTube, I managed to order one from eBay to test. It comes in a red tube that's small enough to keep in your handbag.

Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder, £8.29

So how does flat hair become big I hear you say? Well all you need to do is section your hair, shake on a bit of Dust It powder and then use your fingers to rub gently on your head. The friction caused from rubbing makes the hair big. It's ideal for getting that extra volume and the beauty of it is even when the hair feels flat again, all you have to do is rub your hair and bang, you have magic volume again!

There have been mixed reviews of this product, with some users finding it doesn’t do it for them and others finding it works wonders. I must admit at first use, I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted; it was through a bit of practice and understanding of my hair that it worked. I now cannot live without it and carry it with me everywhere.

Dust It is designed in a way that means you can wash your hair after 2-3 days but as I use a lot of products in my hair e.g. hairspray, I wash mine everyday. The downside of this product is it can make your hair feel very dry and can look dry if applied too much. Also if you have black hair like mine, if you don’t rub the white Dust It powder in properly, you’ll be left looking like you have dandruff - not hot.

Sadly no high street stores sell it - you can only order online or at salons which can be expensive. I normally buy a bulk from ebay which averages each bottle to be under £3. But you can easily order one for under £10 to be on the safe side. One bottle lasts for 6 months plus depending on your usage. As I wash my hair everyday, I waste a lot by reapplying but an average user can probably last one for up to a year.

I've tried other, cheaper versions from the high street and they were really disappointing. So overall, my verdict on hair-volumising products is if you want a quick and easy volume kick, you must try Dust It!