CONCOCTION! Customizable Shampoo, Because You Deserve Nothing Less

I love anything in the beauty world that is customizable to ME.
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August 21, 2013
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Ever since I was little, I've loved things that have been customized just for me. That’s not simply because I’m an elitist snob, I’m sure everyone loves things that are tailor made just for them. But growing up with a weird name like Tynan, I missed the boat on customized school supplies that it seemed like EVERYONE else had.

I remember being in kindergarten, surrounded by these ungrateful children running around with “Kimberly” on their lunchbox and “Jason” on their shoe laces and “Jenny” on their friendship bracelets. A name like “Tynan” never showed up on the racks on racks of keychains, novelty pencil erasers, and Caboodles. I was so left out, and I was MAD. I know I'm not the only one!

I would think to myself, while hauling ass on the Sit ‘N Spin during playtime, “How am I supposed to be Queen Bee if I can’t have my name emblazoned on everything I own? How will my classmates be informed that I am the baddest bitch in preschool? How will they know who owns the throne?” These questions haunted me as I whipped out my nameless “Clarissa Explains It All” lunchbox during lunchtime, as I lay there on my run-of-the-mill cot during nap time.

I learned early that life simply is not fair. My only solace was that I was sure that Beyoncé had the same problem.

All that changed as soon as I had any say in the matter. Even today, I am rarely caught without one of my many nameplate necklaces, proving once and for all that balling and shot calling are not reserved for only those with common names.

I even had a vanity plate on my car in high school! But then the engine of my car exploded and I took it as the universe being like, “Can you not?”

AAANYWAY. Needless to say, I love anything in the beauty world that is customizable to ME. Whether it’s a foundation with color matching technology, a build-it-yourself eye shadow palette, or one of those boutiques that lets you create your own fragrance (which I have yet to check out, omg), I am HERE for all of them.

That’s why I am so excited to tell you guys about CONCOCTION Shampoo!

Concoction is a line of fully customizable shampoo that lets you pick not only the scent, but the benefits of the shampoo. And it’s straight out of the UK! The price was listed in British pounds so I have no idea how much it actually costs, which is fine because they sent it to me for free.

Just kidding, guys. It’s 21.95 American. (thank you, Google.) That's a very competitive price for an import luxury shampoo, and it's worth every penny.

The base shampoo itself is luxurious to begin with. It’s formulated with silk amino acids and natural essential oils to nourish and protect your hair, leaving it strong, shiny, and smooth.

You start with picking one of the four scents of your base shampoo. The super sophisticated scents include Bakhour (which is a woody blend of spices, sandalwood, and musk), Black Pepper + Citrus, Lemon + Verbena, and Rosemary + Mint. They all sounded so good and I couldn’t decide, so I picked Black Pepper + Citrus because the colors on the bottle were the prettiest.

Now comes the fun part. To make the shampoo completely your own, choose from two of the eight Super Serums that have benefits ranging from adding volume, heat protection, and color enhancement and protection. HERE is a fun little chart showcasing the whole list and detailed benefits of each serum.

But I made you guys a little cheat sheet.

Gimme More Moisture -- Aloe and cucumber nourish dry or damaged hair.

Back To Your Roots -- Lavender and chamomile soothe and calm roots and scalp.

Thermo Straight -- Aloe and cucumber hydrate while Concoctions heat activated thermo-polymer technology repair hair and protect it from heat damage.

Curl Me Up -- Lavender, chamomile and arnica flower add bounce, definition and body to curls.

High-Definition Blonde -- Natural chamomile helps brighten and illuminate blonde shades.

Ravishing Red -- Natural raspberry leaf helps strengthen hair and intensify reds.

Beautiful Brunette -- Natural walnut extract leaves darker shades more vibrant.

Turn Up The Volume -- Wheat amino acids and silicone complex thicken and boost volume while moisturizing and repairing hair.

The serums come in little vials with tops that you just snap right off -- then you add the serums to the bottle of shampoo.

Then, shake in a fit of joy.

I chose Gimme More Moisture and Turn Up The Volume for my Concoction, and I really, really liked the results! First of all, the smell of the Black Pepper + Citrus is to die for. I really enjoy the spicy kick of black pepper in my morning shower, and if I was lame I’d say the citrus aroma was ~energizing~, but I won’t. It all just smells really good. Moving on.

Full disclosure: I tried Concoction before I fried my hair going pastel and then grey, and the benefits of the moisturizing serum were noticeable even before I damaged my hair, and even more so now after. The volumizing serum was great, too. It didn’t make my hair huge anything, but it did make it easier to style and work texture into, since I’m always going for big, dirty rock star hair.

Have you tried Concoction? What custom beauty products do you love? Tell me and I will try all of them, I swear. What school supplies did you plaster your name all over in elementary school? Were you like me and unable to do so? Am I haunting you too much with stories of my childhood? Tell me in the comments!

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