Concert Beauty: How Not To Look Grimy At A Grimy Show

Sea salt spray is prettttty much the same thing as sweat. Honestly.
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February 4, 2013
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I spent roughly 80% of my freshman and sophomore years of high school trailing around after my “singer-songwriter” pseudo-boyfriend. He was in a super derivative emo-punk band that achieved marginal levels of fame in suburban Pittsburgh. And he was older and played guitar and blah, blah, blah.

Basically, I spent a lot of time in the smoky, grimy clubs his band played trying to look dateable. I think I got good at it! I think. (He never actually dated me.)

Anyway, if you’re headed to a concert sometime soon, either on a date or on the prowl, here’s what I’d do.

Start with messy makeup. There is literally NO WAY your cat eye liner is going to hold up during a sweaty, 3-hour show, no matter how much “eye primer” you use. I think the best look for anything other than like, a James Taylor concert, is a little kohl pencil smudged into your upper lashes. Add loads of mascara and then just leave it alone. If you get a little black under your eyes, it’ll look sultry, promise.

Wavy hair.Easy, sexy waves will look good all night. The best part is if you sweat at all, it will just reactivate the waves. Like, think about it -- sea salt spray is prettttty much the same thing as sweat. Honestly.

Still smell good. So a little sweat is good for your hair, but you want to keep B.O. in check. I’d throw a perfume sample and a mini lotion in your bag to touch up. You can even put a little lotion in your hair if starts to smell smoky.

DON’T LOSE YOUR BAG. This brings me to my most important point. Wear a little cross body bag or a wristlet -- something that attaches to your person. Don’t be the girl crying through Slightly Stoopid’s last song because she set her handbag down RIGHT THERE and now it’s GONEEE OMG. (Obv, I was that girl.)

Also, don’t smoke. You prob smell enough like smoke as it is, depending on the venue, so why exacerbate it? Plus, smoking dehydrates you and makes your lips all shrivel-y and gross. And like, cancer.

If you’re going to Avicii or the Spice Girls Reunion Tour (please God let this happen again in my lifetime), you can wear body glitter. But only then.

What concerts have you guys been to lately? I was supposed to see Tegan and Sara last week but it snowed and I couldn’t go and UGH.

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