Concealer: 3 Rules of Engagement

If you've already conceded to concealer, go ahead and bookmark this one.
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September 4, 2012
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Quick question: Are you on the concealer crack?

I only ask because concealer seems to be quite the popular topic around here at xoJane headquarters. Julie mentioned her top three go-tos; Grace admitted using it to cover hickeys; Annie K. relies on it to hide her awesome twat art; and Kristin uses it as lipstick. (No, seriously.) Now it's my turn to toss in my two cents.

But first, a slight disclaimer: Concealer isn't a part of my daily makeup routine -- I only reach for it if something devastatingly catastrophic is happening on my face (like a period pimple), which thankfully isn't very often (but once a month is still a bit too regular for me). With that said, I know how integral it might be to you and your look, which is why I wanted to share a short excerpt from an enlightening conversation I recently had with the amazing Uzo, International Makeup Stylist for NARS Cosmetics. Because you know, the rules pertaining to the where, why, and how of applying concealer can be hella confusing if you know not exactly what you're doing.

On the correct color to use:

When correcting dark circles, it is generally best to go with a concealer that's a shade lighter than your foundation. However, those with darker complexions should use concealer that's the same shade as your natural skin tone to prevent the area from looking gray and ashy. If you're trying to camouflage bluish veins, broken capillaries, dark spots and blemishes, you should also go with concealer that is the same shade as your complexion for a more natural finish.

On where to apply it:

Applying concealer before or after foundation depends on the size of the area being concealed. If you're trying to conceal a small blemish or a pimple, apply foundation before concealer to prevent it from being essentially erased. If concealing a larger area (like under and around the eye), it's a good idea to apply your concealer before your foundation.

On proper application techniques:

Fingers are usually best for blending and dabbing concealer on to a fresh, natural finish. A concealer brush is best for depositing the product on and under the eye with short, fluid strokes, but you should still follow up and further blend it in with the tip of your ring finger. For small blemishes or dark spots, apply concealer with a small, fine-tip brush.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you're welcome.

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