COMME DES F!%K DOWN, CAT: I Want To Have Sex With Comme des Garcons Play Eau de Toilette. And Also Their $55 Incense Sticks.

Don’t you just die for this? I die. DIE!!!
Publish date:
July 26, 2011
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ARG, isn’t this the chicest/cutest bottle in the world? The fragrance is beautiful, too, though I use it more as a room spray since I’m more of a vanilla person, and a soapy-smelling person. This is a little sophisticated for me: it’s unisex and smells spicy, warm and earthy, with citrus undertones. Official name: Comme de Garcons PLAY Eau de Toilette. It came out a few years ago and isn't news, just like I'm not Ann G-damn Curry. F&cking deal with it!

The bottle is $100 but I've had it for two years and it's the cutest thing in my apartment. Perfume bottles as decor are my jumpoff, and I’m obsessed with Comme des Garcons fragrances and all of their products. Sh*t is sick! And their publicists rarely -- if ever -- throw me a bone and send them over -- it doesn’t matter where I’ve worked at the time of the call-in (which is how it’s done in the beauty writing game: basically if you ask, you shall receive). (Also, my friend Ray gets credit for the pun in the headline.)

CGD is so glam that they just don’t NEED my press; they are that glamorous, even when you namedrop every possible thing you can think of. I remember working at Lucky and my editor in chief wanted some CDG for our December issue gift guide: I eventually had to go buy the item (a candle? God, they’re so glam!) at Opening Ceremony in Soho.

As is often tragically and pathetically the case in my personal life, this indifference and aloofness serves only to increase my desire. I imagine the gatekeepers -- i.e., chic Comme des Garçons publicists -- to be as elusive and mysterious as jungle cats. Prrrrrr; it practically arouses me! And by practically I mean definitely. Incidentally, lately I've been thinking more and more about going gay. NO, that has nothing to do with anything.

If you, too, covet a little piece of CDG's obscure luxury for your own, most of the brand's fragrance collection is available for purchase on — and they have the candles, too. There are also these $55 incense sticks – and you know I love incense and I love home fragrance – which are so killer glamorous that I want to have sex with them:

Arg, don’t you just die for them? Yes, I want to literally stick them inside myself. No, I am just kidding. Or am I? I think it’s a little nuts to spent $55 on home fragrance, but then again, I’ll happily spend that on a dumb meal for me and a friend.

Am I crazy? That’s the thing about glamorous products: you sort of just have to go there and spend the money and not hate yourself. It's your f$cking money, anyway! Why NOT buy something awesome for yourself all of the time? At least that's how MY brain works.

What are your ridiculous indulge-yourself beauty buys? Does anyone else basically just own a perfume for the fabulous bottle? Some beauty products are just worth owning because of how they look, non? xo