Coming Up Roses: These Are a Few of My Favorite Rose-Scented Things

There are only two scents on Earth that I’m actively addicted to: laundry detergent and rose.
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April 18, 2013
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Rewind! Remember when I told you all about the time my grandmother and I made perfume out of laundry detergent back when I was five? During those long, lovely summers spent with hanging her in North Carolina, I’d also help my grandfather prune his deliciously fragrant rose bushes a few times a week. (By help, I mean watch -- obviously -- and talk his ear off about our favorite cartoon, "The Flintstones." Side note: I miss "The Flintstones" like shit. Why isn't it on NetFlix yet?! I'm going to write a strongly worded letter.)

But I digress.

While I didn't get my grandfather's green thumb, I did inherit his lifelong intense love for that particular bloom to the point that A) my beaus know to show up early and often with yellow roses, and B) I stockpile any and everything featuring rose as a key ingredient. Here, a few of my absolute faves.

By Terry Baume de Rose SPF 15, $59 at

I was introduced to this by my first editor way back in 2004 and I still never leave home without it. (And I always stop by her boutique to stock up when I’m in Paris.) It’s seriously one of the best lip balms ever. It smells like heaven and leaves your lips soft and supple, with a hint of a really pretty cotton candy-color sheen. And it’s incredibly moisturizing and highly concentrated, so a little goes quite a long way. Just a dab will do it!

A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love Eau de Parfum, $95 at

This is a beyond beautiful blend of rose absolut (no "e" on purpose y’all), jasmine, gardenia and pear that accurately captures the essence of a bouquet of roses in a bottle -- and not in a granny-like way. Because it has a high level of rose oil concentration, this fragrance lingers on my pulse points for several hours on end, so I keep it in heavy rotation during the spring and summer; I can’t walk five blocks without someone stopping me to ask what scent I’m wearing. It’s captivating and it draws people in—that, my dear friends, is the mark of a great fucking perfume.

Rosense Rose Water, approx. $27.50 at

I was randomly introduced to this Turkish brand in a traditional souk market in Istanbul, and was instantly compelled to straight clothesline the shelf. So glad I did; It’s 100% natural and it really makes a difference in helping soothe product-weary skin. I use it twice daily after washing and toning but before moisturizing to balance my skin’s pH level. (Psssssssssst: Here’s a KICKASS tutorial on how to make your own!)

Bonus: Not beauty, but still rose-scented/infused so I’m going there anyway.

Diptyque Paris Roses Candle, $60 at

Meet my biggest olfactory addiction -- I purchase them in bulk and go through them fairly quickly. In fact, one of the first things I do when I rise each morning is light three of these candles right on up; there’s one by my bed, one in the foyer and one in the loo. They’re so super soothing; they fill my flat with this unbelievably intoxicating (and not too sweet) bloomy scent that makes my home smell just like the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. And everywhere I go as well -- I always pack one or two of the travel-size minis, so my hotel room can smell just like home, too.

LaDurée Paris Rose Macarons and Champagne, for locations visit

When I’m working in Paris, I tend to dine on a diet of frites, soupe à l’oignon, salade verte and Perrier, or rose macarons and rose champagne from LaDurée. (More often than not, it’s the latter.)

My favorite location is LaDurée Bonaparte (21 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris); it’s frequented by chic locals, and isn’t as overrun by tourists as the Champs Elysees flagship. Be advised -- there’s always a wait for a table, but trust me when I tell you it’s totally worth it. (Oh, and there are outposts all over the world if you’re traveling and have a craving -- I’ve purchased my all-time favorite snack in New York, London, Tokyo, Istanbul, Doha, Zurich, Milan, Dublin, Hong Kong and Dubai, too!)

That’s all for now, dolls. Tell me -- are any of you as big of fans of rose as I? Tell me what your favorite products are and I’ll add them to my shopping list!

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