COMING TO AMERICA: Let Me Have Your Best Drugstore Beauty Suggestions!

Publish date:
March 13, 2013
holidays, drugstore beauty, budget shopping

As you may know, I live in the UK, or more specifically in Brighton, England (where Adele lives, truefax).

Since writing for xoJane, I've come across many comments on beauty pieces for drugstore beauty products that I have got all excited about because I hadn't heard of them, and then cried myself a small ocean when I realised that I couldn't get them because they are only available over on your side of the World, where the roads are bigger and you have amazing amusement parks and BIG GULPS.

Over here, we have high street chemists Boots and Superdrug, in which I can happily spend an hour or two poking my fingers into eyeshadow pots and squeezing tester moisturisers onto my hands, and squirting so many different perfumes on myself that I end up smelling like cat wee.

I'm pretty au fait with all the high street beauty brands over here -- L'Oreal, Bourjois, Maybelline, Rimmel -- and there are a couple of places you can pick up Essie polishes and some Model's Own if you're lucky.

If I ever want OPI nail polishes (which I always do), I have to order them online, and GOD FORBID I ever find a Deborah Lippmann polish over here for sale. Literally impossible.

So you can imagine my excitement when Chris and I booked our TRIP TO NEW YORK, leaving next Thursday, for my birthday (Sunday 24th! I'll be 26! Send me presents!). Having been once before, we've done all the usual touristy stuff which means I essentially have 3 whole days in which to hemorrhage all of my savings in Duane Reade (OMG), Walgreens and Sephora and then return home and eat baked beans on toast for dinner for a month, because that's totally sensible and responsible.

I love a bargain, and although I'm going to be buying a couple of higher-end products while I'm away -- brands such as NARS, Mac and Clinique are much cheaper in the US than the UK -- I'm mainly on the hunt for decent drugstore skincare and beauty.

I am of course also going to be heading to a supermarket and stocking up on Peanut Butter M&M's (as addictive as crack, probably), Babe Ruth bars, Nerds and Twizzlers. And hitting up some pastrami at Katz's Deli, for realz.

What are your favourite sweeties? I need inspiration! What should I be putting on my drugstore shopping list, xoBeauties? You guys always mention this Dr Bronner's stuff, where do I get it? This is your time to shine! HELP ME!