Team Spirit Beauty: How To Wear Your College Colors As Bold Eyeshadow Looks

In honor of the college football season starting, I'm using Urban Decay’s new Electric Eye Palette to create the coolest makeup looks at the tailgate party, even though I don't really care.
Publish date:
August 26, 2014
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College football season starts this week! If you’re anything like me, you don’t really care that much about football. (In fact, I had to Google when college football starts because this is not something that I just know.)

So why are we talking about it? Well, if you’re like me again, it means that you have to attend a lot of obligatory (but fun!!!) football tailgates and/or viewing parties with people you went to college with. The good friends in this group of ex-acapella-mates or fellow English majors will tell you what’s happening as the game progresses, and will nudge you when you’re supposed to scream (whether it be in joy or outrage).

But what makes college football season really exciting is all the opportunities to wear super-fun, team-colored makeup! (Because I’ll use any excuse to wear brightly-colored, totally-inappropriate-for-normal-life makeup.)

So in the spirit of the season, I’ve got some team-colored makeup inspiration for you all.

The makeup I used to get these bright, bold, spirited looks comes from Urban Decay’s new Electric Eye Palette, which, I’m not effing around, is incredible. (Also, fun fact: I can never spell “palette” correctly on the first try.)

The '80s called, and they are literally inconsolable that pigmented eyeshadow of this quality didn’t exist when they were around. These shades are super-intense and bright, and none of that color is lost in translation from palette to face. The texture is thick and almost creamy, even though these are powder pigments. Just dreamy.

And while the palette warns us that a few of the shades (Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban) aren’t “intended” for use on the “immediate eye area” -- as some colorants in those shades are not yet approved in the US by the FDA -- that’s not really stopping me. If Europe says that they’re safe to use, then I’m not gonna sweat it. (But obviously, use these shades with caution and know what’s safe for you. If you are usually sensitive to certain red or pink colorants in makeup, then heed this warning label.)

Anyway, for real, this palette rocks. I recommend it not only for the looks I’m showing you, but for any of you who love to experiment with bright, bold shades. Every color in this set is unique and quality. It’s a keeper!

OK, onto the sporty makeup!

I chose color combinations based on some of the most popular college colors: purple and white/black, green and white/silver, blue and yellow/gold/maize, and red and white/black. These looks can obviously be customized with different colors in the kit, or your own shadows, to fit the college team of your choice.

For Teams with Purple

First of all, I envy you, for you get the prettiest of all the colors to drink beer and watch football with. Congratulations.

This look is a pretty, gradient eyeshadow blend using Electric Palette shades Revolt (shimmery silver), Jilted (metallic, pinkish purple) and Urban (metallic, true purple).

  • Apply Revolt all over lid (under the crease), and to your inner corner.
  • Using a Q-tip or small eyeshadow brush, apply Urban to your outer corner and into your outer crease. You’ll want this shade to extend a little less than halfway across your eye.
  • Using a Q-tip or a small eyeshadow brush, apply and blend Jilted to the center of your lid and to your crease. You’ll use this shade to blend all the colors together seamlessly.
  • Dust a bit more Revolt around the purple to blend.
  • Apply black eyeliner to top lash line.
  • Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

For Teams with Green

Dear Green Teams, you have a very wearable team color, in terms of eyeshadow. Congrats.

This look boasts a green crease and above-the-crease, with a silver and green glitter lid. The green glitter I’m using is Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Loose Glitter in Loaded, which is so fun to play with. The colors from the Electric Palette used are Revolt and Freak (bright green).

  • Apply a hearty dose of Revolt all over your eyelid, to your inner corner, crease, and slightly above the crease.
  • Using a Q-tip or small makeup brush, blend Freak into and around your crease, and to just above your crease.
  • If you’re using Heavy Metal Glitter in Loaded, apply a glitter adhesive (I’m using this) along your lash line.
  • Grab some green glitter on a makeup brush or Q-tip, and apply it to the adhesive.
  • Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

For Teams with Blue and Yellow (or Gold, or Maize…)

Quick shout out to my alma mater, the University of Michigan, whose colors (maize and blue) make for great T-shirts, but rather dramatic makeup. Only the die-hard fan will show up at the tailgate looking this fierce.

For this look, you’ll use the Electric Palette’s Revolt, Thrash (greenish yellow), Gonzo (bright turquoise) and Chaos (bright true blue). (For teams with Blue and White or Silver, replace Thrash with Revolt.)

  • Apply Thrash all over your eyelid, under your crease.
  • Apply Gonzo above/around Thrash, in your crease.
  • Apply Chaos a bit thicker in and around the crease so that it’s a bit thicker on the outer edge of the eye.
  • Using a loose eye shadow brush, dust Revolt around the blue to blend and soften the edges.
  • Apply black eyeliner to top lash line.
  • Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

For Teams with Red (and White or Black or Silver…)

Dear red teams, congrats on being the most menacing of colors to wear on your eyelids. This is some scary-in-a-good-way stuff. I, personally, would not want to be the opponent of the bitch sporting blood-red eyeshadow.

For this look, we’ll use the Electric Palette’s Slowburn (bright red) and Revolt.

  • Using a Q-tip, apply Slowburn to eyelid, under the crease. Try to keep the outer edge of the red as crisp as possible (to be as menacing as possible, obviously).
  • Using a Q-tip, apply Revolt along bottom lash line, and to inner corner.
  • Apply a thick line of black eyeliner to top lash line.
  • Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

That’s all I’ve got for sporty-themed makeup. Do you celebrate the fall with college football? Have you tried this freaking awesome Electric Eye Palette from Urban Decay? Will you? (You should.)