The xoJane Halloween 2012 Beauty Round-Up: Cleopatra

My Halloween beauty round-up kicks off with a Liz Taylor-inspired Cleopatra look.

I love Halloween, and I love beauty, and last year I did a bunch of tutorials for you guys so I figured, why not do it again?

To start things off, I decided to go with Liz Taylor, queen of all things glamorous, in one of her most iconic roles: Cleopatra.

The look is fabulous and surprisingly easy, so let's hop to it, my little ghouls.

The Hair

So, I bought a wig for this tutorial but it was absolute crap. It didn't match the image on the packaging at all and I ended up looking like Mia Wallace after she'd been stabbed with the adrenaline syringe. Not cute, man.

I decided to make do with my own long, long hair. Since it's layered, it wasn't too hard. I just gathered the long layers in the back and, using a flat iron, curled under the layer in the front. Then I curled under my bangs to make them look slightly shorter. Easy peasy. However, if you're too lazy for that, go buy a wig, just take it out of the package beforehand if possible to make sure it doesn't totally suck.

The Make-Up

First I started by filling in my eyebrows with a dark brown matte eye shadow (you can use a brow powder, eye shadow, whatever, no need to be picky!) and an angled brush. I really made sure to accentuate the arch and make things look super-angular.

Then I applied a peacock-y teal eye shadow (I used Urban Decay's Eye Shadow in Hijack [$18,]) all over my entire eyelid and up to my brow. In "Cleopatra," Elizabeth Taylor's shadow changes shades a few times. Sometimes it's a bright blue, sometimes turquoise, sometimes violet to complement her famous eyes. I used the teal because it sort of matched my eye color and I thought it was pretty, so I encourage you to use whatever you like as long as it's BRIGHT.

Next I used a gel liner (Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black [$9.99,] to line the entire rim of my eye as close to the lash line as possible.

The final step is to create an inverted triangle (the point at the outer corner of your eye and the base under your brow bone). I then filled in the triangle with more liner, but you can leave it open as it's worn both ways in the movie. It's all about personal preference.

I finished the look with a coat of Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude ($6.99, and some rosy-tan blush on my cheekbones. Ta-da! Now all you need is a man dressed as Richard Burton to follow you around with gift boxes full of jewels.

Have I inspired you? What other looks are you interested in seeing? I have a few more up my sleeve before October 31st comes around, so stay on, refreshing the page and awaiting the next how-to with bated breath. Please.

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