These Cilantro Bath & Beauty Products Are Here To Save You From All Other Boring Scents

All I want in life is to be surrounded by products with interesting, innovative, exciting scents.
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October 3, 2014
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Guys, I’m bored. All I want in life is to be surrounded by products with interesting, innovative, exciting scents. It’s so hard to find products that break away from the normal fruity and/or floral fragrances that we’re constantly bombarded with. Everything is just so BORING. Even the intro that I had written to this article was a total snooze-fest. Are dull fragrances making ME boring?

Don’t get me wrong. I can find something to love in every fragrance, and I know that each and every scent has something that speaks to somebody. But nothing is better than a great standout scent, even if it’s in a bath body product, like the ones I’m about to talk about.

This summer, I was sitting on a restaurant patio, having dinner with some friends. I was absentmindedly scarfing down a couple of tacos that were casually topped with cilantro, almost as if it was an afterthought. A simple garnish, if you will. And yet, the cilantro was the best part of the whole meal.

“God, I love cilantro. I should remember to do more with it,” I thought to myself. So in an attempt to incorporate more cilantro into my life, I planted some on my balcony.

And then, I killed it!

Last week, my two friends and I were having a few drinks in Chicago after a successful day of shopping, and I was sucking down QUITE the cocktail. I would tell you what was in it, but the only parts I can remember are Patrón and cilantro. It was delicious because adding cilantro to anything makes it more delicious.

I sat there sipping my drink, and I thought to myself, “Damn though, I really love cilantro. I wonder if there are any cilantro beauty products out there that I have yet to stumble across…”

Cilantro beauty products? What do YOU think?

Much to my delight, I discovered a couple of collections that incorporate my favorite herb in their products so I can get my fix of cilantro even when I’m not chowing down on tacos or boozing with my friends!

Avocado Cilantro Foaming Body Scrub by Briar Muse, $20 (currently on sale for $9)

I like this scrub for a whole ton of reasons. For starters, it’s cruelty-free, which I am trying to remember to point out every time. This scrub is different from the others because it’s both an exfoliator and a whipped soap in one. I love a good body scrub, but a lot of times, they’re not the easiest things to handle, especially in the shower. Sometimes it feels like you’re dipping your hand into a pot of dry rock salt or raw sugar, and if you do manage to scoop up enough to work with, it usually falls right to the floor of your shower before you have time to really scrub yourself with it. Are you there, First World Problem? It’s me, Tynan.

But really though, they’re great in theory, but I never feel like I’m getting my money’s worth because most of the product ends up on the floor of my shower.

Because the Briar Muse scrub is combined with a light soap, it’s a lot easier to scoop up and smear all over yourself, or your loofah or scrub glove or whatever it is you’re using, and actually USE the product. It has a fluffy texture but is packed with exfoliants to really scrub and polish that beautiful body of yours. Not that I’m the king of body scrubs or anything, but out of the ton that I have used this one is definitely my favorite.

And the scent! Avocado, cilantro, and lime blend together to make a sweet, tangy, fresh scent that I find to be highly addicting, so lucky for me, it also comes in a body lotion, room spray, and candle, so I can always be that guy surrounded by a cloud of cilantro.

Coconut Cilantro Body Wash by Paxton Creek, $11.99

I love a really quality body wash and the Coconut Cilantro body wash by Paxton Creek is just that. Not only is the scent fantastic, but the body wash itself is packed with essential oils that soften and moisturize right there in the shower. There are very few body washes that are immediately and noticeably softening to your skin, but this is definitely one of them.

Anything that includes coconut is an immediate win for me. This mixes coconut with vanilla, pineapple (YES) and of course, cilantro for a fruity, tropical, fresh scent that is very welcome in the morning, or whenever you decide to throw yourself into the shower.

Check out Paxton Creek’s full Coconut Cilantro line, where you can cop the scent in lotion, bubble bath, bath salts, and even solid perfume. Oh, and they're cruelty-free as well.

Malin + Goetz Conditioner, $22

Malin + Goetz is a cruelty-free line of killer products for a great price, with some of the cleanest, freshest scents available. If you’re not familiar, just troll around their website for a second be amazed.

Their Cilantro Hair Conditioner is the cleanest, greenest scent in my shower right now, and it’s a great alternative if you want some cilantro in your life, but aren’t crazy about sweeter scents. The scent itself is the truest to a fresh bunch of cilantro, fresh, delicious, and amazing.

It hydrates your hair with shea butter and fatty acids to add gorgeous shine without leaving behind any residue because it doesn’t contain any oils or silicone to weigh your hair down or irritate your sensitive scalp. Even better, it’s safe to use on all types of hair, even if your hair has been colored or chemically treated.

So those are the three cilantro products I'm devouring right now. Are there any that you love that I need to try? What are you favorite unusual scents? Tell me in the comments and I'll try them all out!

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