My Favourite Eyeshadow is Only 6 Bucks PLUS: Two Looks To Create With It

Despite having access to pricy palettes, I still reach for this cheap-o Rimmel shadow quad day after day.
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February 21, 2012
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I get a lot of questions about eyeshadow.

Which is the best of the best? Which eyeshadow should I wear during the day? How do I get started? How do I know which eyeshadow is right for me?

etc., etc. Obviously the answer is different for everyone, but you can never go wrong with a few decent neutral shades, preferably all in one palette for easy convenience.

One of the best neutral palettes I have come across is

Rimmel's Glam'Eyes Quad Eye Shadow in 002 Smokey Brun

(around $5.99, drugstores). It's an inexpensive but pretty-awesome quality set of four neutral shades, ranging from a deep, gold-flecked brown to a pale, shimmery gold. I love it for everyday, for contouring the shape of my eyes and for creating a softer version of a smokey eye. And I love that it's so cheap! It doesn't cut corners when it comes to pigments and it blends beautifully.

So, whether you're looking to start experimenting with eyeshadow in general or just want an awesome, cheap-o palette to add to your collection, I'd definitely recommend this one. Plus, I've put together two mini-tutorials for you to use to get started. Just 'cause I love you guys



Everyday Neutral

(ugh, such a cheesy name.)

1. Begin by applying the lightest shade all over the lid, onto the browbone, and the inner corners of the eye around the tear duct (honestly, I just use my fingers for this step but you can use a sponge applicator or a small fluffy shadow brush).

2. Blend the second darkest shade (an almost bronzey, mid-tone taupe) into the outer corners and crease with a mid-sized shadow brush.

3. Using an angled liner brush or the thinner side of the applicator, blend the darkest shade around the upper lashline, focusing on the outer corners. You can smudge a little dark brown pencil liner in to and blend with a q-tip for more definition.

4. Apply mascara to the upper lashes and ta-da. You're ready to go and you look slightly more awake and put-together. Now take on the day!

Soft Smokey Eye

(seriously can you guys help me with better titles for this stuff? CHEESE OVERLOAD.)

1. Start with the above tutorial, then begin by blending the dark shade and second darkest shade together to intensify the shadow around the outer corners and crease.

2. Smudge the darkest shade in a thicker line all along the upper lashline, smudging out at the outer corners into a soft version of a cat-eye, flicking up slightly at the ends.

3. Blend the darkest shade and second darkest shade together along the outer lower lashline with the liner brush/applicator to add definition to the eye.

4. Add black pencil liner along upper and lower lashline and smudge with a q-tip for a smoke-out effect.

5. Apply mascara to lower lashes. Now you're ready to prowl through the night or whatever it is people do in the evenings. Drink with your friends? Dance? Whatever, you're sexy.

I wanna know what your everyday shadow look is, and the palettes or quads or whats-its you're using to get the look. And show me photos, 'cause you're all such babes! Do you like luxury brands? (I'm fond of my Dior palettes too), or are you all about the fun, edgy ones like Urban Decay? Truth be told, I love 'em all. Well, there are some crummy shadows out there but let's not focus on those ...

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